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Wantable Fitness send you 5 athletic wear pieces selected by a stylist based on your preferences. Keep 3 or more pieces save 20%, Keep all 5 save 30%

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I have not received a box yet, but I have already dealt with their customer service and I'm highly impressed. I placed an order for my first box then realized it may be delivered when I am out of town. I emailed them to post pone it a few weeks until I'm back in town - and no issues with a very quick response and an offer for them to postpone my second box, since it would be delivered close to when the 1st box would. I'm all about customer service and this is the way to go. Can't wait for my first box.
on 10/22/2016
Products were of decent quality, but prices seemed inflated. For example, I did not receive any pants that cost less than $70. Also, the sizing was wildly inconsistent. For one of the tops they sent me I needed a size Small (received a Medium which was too big), but in that same box I had pants that I needed in a size Extra Lage (recieved a Large which was too small). I can't see how I'd possibly be able to keep all five items given the inconsistent styling - I can't blame my stylist for getting it wrong. WTH? Also, I'm not really a fan of USPS shipping, which isn't really Wantables fault, but just something to keep in mind if you have a similar aversion to USPS shipping.
on 5/20/2016