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The Wanderlust is a quarterly subscription box full of style, travel, beauty and fitness items from unique brands around the world. Each box's theme is based on an iconic beach destination, such as Saint Tropez, Bali, and Rio. Designed to complement the lifestyle of modern globetrotters, The Wanderlust features new brands and products for you to discover. The Wanderlust sends 10-15 full-sized products (worth well over $250) and lifestyle tips for you to discover! An annual subscription is $250. The Wanderlust team can be reached at or 1-866-843-2454.

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    What is The Wanderlust?

  • The Wanderlust is inspired by beautiful beach destinations from all over the world. Designed to complement the lifestyle of modern globetrotters, The Wanderlust features new brands and products for you to discover. Each box represents a travel suitcase for your new destination, with 10-15 full-sized products.

    How much does The Wanderlust cost?

  • The Wanderlust is $75 a month or $250 for an annual subscription.

    When does The Wanderlust ship?

  • According to The Wanderlust, you can expect shipment 24-48 hours after your order is placed. For a yearly subscription, The Wanderlust arrives at your doorstep every three months.

    How can I contact The Wanderlust customer service?

  • The Wanderlust team can be reached at or 1-866-843-2454.

    How can I cancel The Wanderlust subscription?

  • The Wanderlust can be canceled by contacting or 1-866-843-2454 within 24 hours of purchase.

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Got this box and I must say I was thrilled from the moment I saw it. The box itself is a pleasure to receive (just wait until you see it!) and the items inside are meticulously placed and presented. The people involved with the Wanderlust box obviously understand what is trending and the variety of items was so much fun! The travel and destination theme makes this subscription box so much more enjoyable than the other boxes that are mass produced and lack individuality. In fact, I have used every single item (and often with subscription boxes, you aren’t always thrilled with everything). However, I cannot wait for the next one and until I get it, I will keep my previous box out where I can see it – it’s just that great!
on 6/14/2017
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My sister sent me this for my birthday and I swear -- it was one of the best gifts of my life! Opening each little package within the package was so fun and everything is presented very beautifully inside. It was honestly a little overwhelming and extravagant, especially since I wasn't expecting it! All of the products were incredibly high quality and several have become my favorites. Each thing feels special and seems to tell a little story within a larger story. The gift as a whole is very cohesive and each of the individual items really hold their own. I ended up taking many of my items on vacation later that week and they proved inspiration for outfits, prompted me to engage in a fun side-adventure (to take full advantage of their uses), and just made me feel wealthy and spoiled in general. This is actually such a great gift to get for a mom who feels burnt out because it's got an adventurous feeling while still being nourishing, practical, and inspiring. It's a great balance.
on 6/13/2017
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Ladies please beware of this company, the boxes that they have been sending the ladies that have the subscription feedback pages are NOT the same that they have sent out.. $75 for a box every 3 months, I thought this would be a high end box, I had missing items and replaced for cheaper quality items. some items I didn't even get...Sunglasses have the quality of dollartree, too embarrassed to give to anyone. I can say my box and all of its contents was throw away. what does a pink mini boxing glove key chain or pink duffle bag that says title boxing have anything to do with the islands, yup that's what was in the Rio box!! the only impressive thing was THE BOX!
on 3/22/2017