The Surprise Beauty Box

The Surprise Beauty Box


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"TSBB is a subscription based beauty box that features cosmetics, fragrance, nails, hair, and skin care. Each box contains a 50-50 mix of high end products and indie brands. A percentage of the sales go to the Women's Care Shelter of Pittsburgh and TSBB is running food drives throughout the year to support them. A 3-month subscription will get a free empty palette to store samples of eyeshadows, blush, and highlighters. A year long subscription will get the free palette and a full size Lancome Le Stylo pencil!"

Shipping: $4.00-$6.00

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I subbed to this scam...literally I got USED samples, hotel shampoos and soaps. This was a total rip off. They had a cardboard box that they spray paint with a template TSBB VERY UNPROFESSIONAL………this is a person selling her USED JUNK....I blasted her ALL OVER social media, that FINALLY got her attention. I got a refund on my remainder of my years sub. I paid for a year, in December and in May I had received 1 box...she kept telling me my box was in the mail, they were running behind this month....I definitely WOULD NOT recommend this beauty box subscription.
on 8/1/2017
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Horrible, horrible, horrible, I ordered the deluxe box and now that I received it I am regretting it so much! I don't think the retail value of the products sent to me even adds up to $25, there is one sample (a clay mask) literally in a small ziploc baggy, and a couple more where the labels look like they printed it themselves on their printer. Some ten year old perfume and a lip balm that looks cheaper than Chapstick - I suppose included to add insult to injury. Also I should mention that there is no option anywhere on their website to cancel the subscription, and all in all the operation strikes me as very unprofessional. It's like someone is doing it out of their house. After filling out all those questionnaires I expected a tailored curation (and an above-average beauty box value for $25!), but this is worse than the Walmart box.
on 4/29/2017
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TSBB is such a great business to support, I love trying new beauty items, and when I completed the survey when you first sign up - TSBB knew I was interested in skincare, hair care/ styling products, and perfume. I have subscribed 1x for deluxe package and LOVED my mix I got. I have since then subscribed for 3 months with the standard package and although it's not as many items I'm receiving, the quality and customer focus is still on point. This would be a great Xmas gift for any friend of family member that likes exploring beauty supplies!!
on 12/1/2016