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Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. You tell them your style and size preferences, and they send you a package of stylish goodies to try on at home. No two Fix shipments are alike. Each one is hand-picked just for you. Keep what items you like, and return the rest in a pre-paid return mailer. The services costs $20 a month for your stylist, but that fee is deducted from any items you choose to keep.

Stitch Fix now offers an expanded size range including plus (Launching Feb 27th), petites, and maternity.

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    How does Stitch Fix work?

  • Stitch Fix is a personal styling service. You'll fill out your style profile, your personal stylist will send you 5 items based on your specific taste and sizes, and you get to try out the items at home. Return anything you don't want to keep in the included mailer at no additional cost.

    How much does Stitch Fix cost?

  • Stitch Fix is $20 a month for your styling fee. You'll only pay for the items you want to keep, and if you keep anything, Stitch Fix will deduct the $20 fee from your order total. Keep all 5 items in your box, and you'll save an additional 25%!

    Is Stitch Fix Worth It?

  • Stitch Fix is worth it if you don't have the time to go shopping for yourself. Stitch Fix stylists spend the time finding the items to match exactly what you are looking for, and that service is essentially free if you end up keeping any of the items.

    How do you contact Stitch Fix customer care?

  • Stitch Fix doesn't have a customer care phone number, but you can email them at and they should respond within 48 hours.

    What are typical Stitch Fix prices?

  • The average price point of an item from Stitch Fix is $55. You can customize how much you want to spend on any category of item, and your Stylist will only send you items that fit your budget restrictions.

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I wanted to like the service. I answered truthfully and submitted a pinterest board. I was so excited when the package arrived, and when I started to open it. Then the clothes....I'd specified no polyester. Everything WAS polyester and nothing fit. A horrible peasant style short sleeved top (I said keep my arms covered and some styles should stay dead). The blazer was too tight, the blouses too big, the jeans didn't fit at all. The purse was a vinyl cross body bag that I would never use. Sent it all back. It was easy to disenroll.
on 2/8/2019
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I've been a subscriber for about 8 months. My stylist nails it just about every time. I'm a busy, working, single mom who just doesn't have time to shop for myself and if I did I'd live in work out clothes, jeans and tshirts. I absolutely hate to shop and try things on in the fitting room. My stylist has taken me out of my comfort zone and constantly sends me things I wouldn't look twice at in the stores, but fall in love with when I try them on. I usually extend my check out date as soon as I receive my fix to give me time to really try on my items and honestly judge whether I hate, just like or love the items. Just about every time I wear a Stitch Fix outfit I get compliments. It makes me feel put together and trendy.
on 6/28/2018
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I tried THREE times to like what they sent me. THREE TIMES. After that, I quit. NONE of the clothing items came even close to my profile -- and I even submitted a Pinterest abum with dozens of examples. The clothing, which came with what I consider over-priced tags attached, all looked like clearance items from Ross or T.J. Maxx (actually, their clothes are cuter!). After the third attempt, I decided that Stitchfix is just a scam to get suckers like I was to pay $20 for nothing, every time a box is ordered. Style yourself -- go to the store and try on clothes you normally wouldn't take a second look at. That costs NOTHING. Imagine -- would you go to Macy's or Nordstrom and pay $20 just to walk in and try on clothes, whether or not you bought anything? EXACTLY!!!
on 5/4/2018
Overall, I've been satisfied with my StitchFix subscription. The only times I've received things I didn't like were when I wasn't specific enough with what I wanted. But once I gave them clear directions and everything I didn't like, I've gotten a lot of clothing I really enjoy!
on 4/30/2018
I’ve been really disenchanted with StitchFix. I’ve received items in duplicate, with the same exact patterns repeatedly and items that are the complete opposite of my requests. This months fix is a full body duster cardigan sweater. I live in South Florida and its in the high 80s. Things I have purchased are not holding up, even after little wear. I’m on this site shopping for a new subscription. I’m so done with them not listening to me. As the other reviewer posted, you pay the 20-dollar style fee upfront. If you make a purchase, they subtract it from your invoice because you have already paid it. It’s not really an additional discount. If you don’t make a purchase, you’ve just spent 20-dollars for styling. I also find many of the items for less on Poshmark, Nordstrom Rack, etc. I could just shop online.
on 3/8/2018
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I'm pretty lukewarm on Stitch Fix. I've received 13 boxes (65 items) over the last 2 years, and kept about 7 or 8 items total (~12%) It's just hit or miss. The things I request are often unaddressed (like if I ask for tops and I get 2 pairs of pants and a necklace in the box), or they ignore the season (I've gotten paper-thin, polyester tops in winter and sweaters in summer when I specifically asked for seasonal clothing). It doesn't feel personalized at all -- both colors and patterns are all over the place. Style is very generalized. And the prices can be simply unbelievable considering the quality of some of the pieces (e.g., that paper-thin polyester top, which you could probably find at Forever 21 for $15, was nearly $60). Stitch Fix was the first clothing subscription service I've ever used, though, and I appreciate that they did get me thinking outside of my normal comfort zone on certain styles/colors. But that's something we can all do on our own, if we're willing, with $20 worth (or less) of shipping!
on 12/5/2017
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Buyer beware. I subscribed after reading that my 20 dollar styling fee would be applied toward any item I purchased. No where did it say that in addition to applying it toward the purchase, it would also be charged to my account. Where is the discount if they charge me the 20 they "discount" the purchase???; How ridiculous. Do they think the buying public is really just that stupid? I tried to contact them and was told that I received the 20 off the item I purchased and in addition had the 20 styling charge on my account. In other words for a 30 scarf (which by the way was probably worth about 12 at a local retail store) I paid a 20 dollar styling fee and then got a 20 dollar discount on the scarf they priced at 30. With my limited math skills, I can determine I have been charged 30 dollars for the scarf! What a rip off. As I said, BUYER BEWARE!
on 11/3/2017
I loved everything I got but the coat put just keep 2 items please keep doing what you are doing
on 9/19/2017
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I hated this subscription. You couldn't see what you were getting and the things I got were something an old lady would wear. Not pleased at all. Only got it once and canceled it.
on 9/9/2017
I got my first fix in May 2017 & my stylist nailed it! I kept 2of the 5 items. One item that I loved was returned b/c I had bought a top almost exactly like it the week before! The other 2 items I returned were to big so I updated my profile and sized down. I was very happy with my first fix! My 2nd fix arrived in July and I was disappointed. The tops were loose and boxy making my body look like a rectangle from the shoulders to the hips. I kept one top and returned everything else with feedback about each item. I wanted tops that accentuate my waistline since I have an hourglass figure. I wanted to give my stylist another opportunity so I scheduled another fix for July and she nailed it again! I kept all five items! I got a dress, pants, two tops and a necklace. I gave 4 of the 5 items a "loved it" rating and gave one top a " like it" rating! I was thrilled with my 3rd fix and it was successful b/c I took the time to communicate to my stylist. My stylist name is Kelly & I think she rocks!! She is getting to know my style and I am confident she will continue to provide items in my future fixes that I will love.
on 7/27/2017