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Stickii Club is a monthly sticker subscription box. It only costs $10 per month with US Shipping included. It includes 5+ big sticker sheets, 10+ single sheet stickers and 1+ washi tape samples. There are three styles to choose from: The Cute Pack, The Retro Pack, and The Pop Pack. Each pack of stickers are curated by a theme.

Shipping: US: $1.00, Canada: $1.75, International: $2.50

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I have been ordering since 2016 Retro Pack series because I just love receiving vintage, old European, exotic animals, stationery, gold outline stickers and much more. I now really like the new sticker organizer which includes a corner sticker so I can recognize the package theme. I also purchase stickers an A5 size binder to keep the stickers organize sets in. I use my Retro stickers for my Vintage Junk Journal and 100 Bucket List Booklet which adds beautiful stickers to the pages. Love the price which I now receive a sticker storage organizer which is a major plus to have.
on 4/26/2018
I just received my second pack and I am totally in love with Stickii Club! You get a choice of three different style packs: Cute, Retro, and Pop. I subscribe to the Retro Pack, which includes vintage style stickers. The stickers are fabulous! Each month there’s a theme and you get a total of 8 items in your pack which includes mostly full-size sticker sheets as well as sticker flakes and sometimes other sticky items - last month I got a cute bird shaped sticky note pad in my pack. A few days before shipping they send out a teaser email with the month’s theme and a hint of what to expect. Overall I am extremely happy with this subscription. I think $10 is more than a fair price for a set of stickers. I also like that these packs include stickers and nothing else (unlike that other sticker subscription which contains unnecessary extras that I don’t use but still have to pay for). I like how Stickii sticks to just great stickers.
on 2/17/2017
Alphonse mucha woman with a daisy
Love! I'm two months into a six month subscription of the Cute Pack option and so far I am blown away by the value and variety and, yes, the cute. Can't wait to see what I get next month. Two notes: I got a shipping confirmation the first month, but not the second, and shipping times don't seem consistent. I don't mind that much, but I know some people do.
on 6/29/2016