Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box

Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box


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"The Simply Earth Essential Oil Recipe Box makes using essential oils easy and affordable. Every month we send you 5-7 recipes and EVERYTHING you need to make them. This includes 5 full size 15 bottles of pure essential oil, 1 extra like a carrier oil or candle wax, and the containers and labels to put your recipes into."

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I recently purchased "Simply Earth" EO box with Free Infuser (thank you MSA for coupon code). I did notice zero reviews. But, site stated 100% guarantee. So I took the plunge as a fanatic EO user. I have used EO for years and am always willing to try a new recipe (or at least different scent combo) I received my order, and was able to track it. They sent email with tracking info. Although the diffuser and oil are great, not being able to navigate the Site is a little frustrating for me. The site offers subscriptions of (A) every month $39.99. (B) every 3 months $45.00 and (C) a 1 time purchase for$49.99, but nowhere explains the difference of what you get in monthly vs. quarterly box. I also saw questions from people asking if they can sell EO when they don't know much about it. Which I wasn't sure if the site is for wholesale, retail?? I can always use EO for my lotion, cleaning products, etc. And make gifts for loved ones. So I ordered, nothing to lose. I was sent a survey. Complete it and save 10% on next order, include a picture, 15% savings. And instructions say to email them and the savings can be used on next sub box. Easy enough, and I got confirmation email. My next sub box is now shipping. I still have no answer to my questions. But, I have called (left voicemail,) and dm with no response from either. I recommend emailing them. I did get fast response to request discount being applied to monthly subscription box. So in the meantime, I will continue to use and enjoy the 1st box I received. It was the "spring cleaning" box. Great packaging! Love the receipt cards, spray bottles​,. And the oils smell fantastic and great quality. The bottles are great size as well. Well worth the money for me. And the Infuser is beautiful
on 5/3/2017