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Scentbird is a perfume sampling subscription box that sends you 100% authentic perfumes every month. When you sign up, you take a preferences quiz to help them suggest recommendations for you to try, and you can also go browse and rate the rest of their selection to make the recommendations even more accurate. You can build a queue of fragrances you’d like to try or you can let yourself be surprised every month. When you subscribe to Scentbird you get a monthly $15 credit towards purchasing a full-sized bottle!

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They have a really good selection of fragrance but skin care isnt worth it. WAs a subscriber for 2 yearsbut had to switch to another company as they double charged me and they don't respond to emails and I have to chase them on Facebook to get a response.
on 11/6/2019
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Beware no customer service does not respond to emails. Takes weeks to receive package.
on 7/18/2019
BEWARE!!! I was on the 3 item plan for July. Since after July I decided to change to 2. I was already charged the $35 + each of my 3 items had a $5 upcharge fee. So I had paid $50. There is a glitch on their site where I couldn't manually downgrade, plus I had a $10 credit that was not applied to my July purchase. So of course because they don't have a customer service number I emailed them. They downgraded not just August, but July. They then charged me an additional $10 on my credit car. The customer service agent Daria assured me I'd still get the 3 item I had purchased. Said to for the inconvenience she'd add $10 to my credit. She then told me it was a glitch they'd fix for July to reflect the 3 items I had previously in my que. I check 2 days ago and they had change 2 of my items to nasty perfumes that didn't have an upcharge and I had NEVER had in my que ever! Not only that. But they charge me an additional $10 the same day, make the total charges $70. I then received an email saying they were refunding only 10.16 because I was charged for shipping & that from now on mine would be free shipping... on the website it states there's never shipping on the sub. Then they said I'd pay half next month instead of my $10 credit. They wiped out my entire $20 credit for me to only save 12.25 Even the senior customer service agent Bobby refused to make it right. I've literally been dealing with this nightmare for almost 2 weeks with no resolution. My emails have since been ignored. I told them to cancel July and give me a full refund since I didn't even choose 2 of the items. Which they refused to do because it's being "prepped" , they could either call their shipping department and cancel it or cancel the label. It's not that difficult. I'll be contacting my credit card company tomorrow. This company has the worst customer service I have ever come across.
on 7/17/2019
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I belonged to Scentbird for approximately 3 years. I always selected my own fragrances. I never had a problem clicking and dragging to change up my own queue. The sprays were generous so I thought the $15 /month was very fair. Over that time I contacted them maybe 3 times with questions. They always answered within 24 hours. I was with them during their move. Yes, they had one or two delays but they warned me previously. I can only complain about "upgrading". I doubled the scents per month but the price more than quadrupled! I was able to cancel within a few months after that but also because I have more than enough scents now. Candles and creams are not worth the price.
on 3/18/2019
Buyer BEWARE! I have several ( too many to admit) subscription boxes and Scent Bird is beyond the WORST I've ever had!! They double, triple charge ur account, you have to FIGHT to get the "free" items they promise, and after being charged three months in a row without receiving ANY of my orders and getting NO answers from customer service I cancelled... Finally got thru to customer service and I was told they couldnt help me. B.c I cancelled they couldn't "see" my previous order and I would receive it in the order that it was placed. That was in October. Still nothing. I swear, this company is a SCAM!
on 1/10/2019
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The message Below is what I received when I check Tracking for My Order. They have not even shipped it yet. They have been moving since August 2018?? Please note: We have recently moved to a new shipping facility to expand our growth and improve your shipping experience. Due to the complexity of this transition, you may experience processing delays during this time. We understand that this news may be disappointing and we truly apologize for the delays. We are working around the clock and our team is dedicated to resuming normal (and faster!) shipping as soon as we can.
on 12/14/2018
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This is the absosute worst company to work with. I did a $35 per month subscription and I was supposed to get 3 items per month. My first monthI recevied 1 item' submitted a service request and they kept emialing me to confirm that the issue has not been resolved. More than 3 weeks later I received my additional items. They charged me for my second month and a month later- nada. No merhcandise, no shipping notification on my account. AND they have no phone number to call because that's what scammers do. Fianlly cancelled and had to go to my credit card company for the refund. DO NOT USE THIS SERVICE BECAUSE THEY SUCK!
on 12/4/2018
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This company is garbage. All you need to do is look them up on the BBB site and see how many horrible complaints they have against them due to slow shipping times and refusal to refund money for people that are tired of waiting around for a month + to get their order (like me). No thank you.
on 10/3/2018
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I subscribed to Scentbird for almost a year but he site was so user-unfriendly that I cancelled. Last month-- April 2018, i noticed that they were now offering candles and hand cream so I resubscribed. Again, the site was a nightmare and I never could find my queue to delete some of the fragrances I no longer wanted . The candles and the hand creams that I wanted would have gone to the bottom of my queue. I notified customer service and my email stayed that I would receive an answer within 24 hours. Two days later, Ii received an email with an apology for delayed customer service due to high volume requests. Instead of answering my question re. how to get to my queue and how to delete items, she sated that she, she stated that she had assigned me to a customer service rep who would contact me soon. Oh joy! That did it!!I canceled. Two days later I did receive an email from a rep explaining the procedures. By that time it was too late and I really didn't want to deal with their site any longer. Of course, i did receive a fragrance I didn't want as I could not get to the queue. I would have preferred a candle.I did like their fragrances however.
on 5/10/2018
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I did enjoy it but to cut back expenses I cancelled it last October just recently got charged for a new shipment and was told I was getting a refund two and a half weeks ago and still haven't gotten it dealing with them it's been very stressful I'm sorry I signed up in the first place but I do love my subscription addiction
on 4/20/2018