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This monthly beauty subscription box helps you sample new, 100% authentic designer scents for men or women. Each month you'll receive an 8 ml supply of a new designer fragrance.

Scent Box has two subscription levels to choose from. Pick the Standard subscription ($14.95 per month) to choose 1 fragrance per month from a selection of 500 brands. Or, pick the Premium subscription ($18.95 per month) to choose 1 fragrance per month from a selection of over 650 brands (including 150 premium brands).

Shipping: Free shipping to the US (Ships to US only)

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Was a challenge to cancel as they kept charging me. Finally got canceled. It was alright to try but not what i expected
on 11/6/2019
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I have tried it for a few months they say that they carry so many fragrances, however when I pick something it is out of stock and a different fragrance was sent. I subscribed to also Scentbird and Luxury Scent Box. They carry both different fragrances I feel like Luxury Scent Box has a very large selection of Niche brands. There service is great. Scentbird takes forever to receive your package each month. I am going to cancel Scentbox and Scentbird and stay with Luxury Scent Box.
on 11/5/2019
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Tried Scentbird and they have a better selection. Questionable about the quality of the perfume received for scentbox.
on 9/19/2019
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Signed up for 2 months. They carry cheap fragrances then to upgrade you have to pay a higher price. You can’t see what you are buying before checking out. You have to put credit card then you get to choose what you want. I canceled after 2 months. This was not worth it.
on 8/2/2019
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I have been subscribed for 2 months. The fragrance does not last weak.
on 7/29/2019
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Received our monthly and the fragrance was weaker smelling then it should. Im questionable of the quality. I canceled after no response form them.
on 7/24/2019
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Signed up received wrong fragrance. Customer service was nasty and did not want to resolve this problem. I then wanted to cancel and I was charged 3 months after wanting to cancel. Be Aware!
on 7/18/2019
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Loved the quick shipping and huge selection of fragrances
on 2/26/2019
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Occasionally they do special sales which is a great way to test out for a month or two. The atomizer definitely gives you a good amount of perfume to really test out before committing to a full size bottle
on 2/18/2019
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No issues with shipping or cancelling which is a huge plus
on 2/11/2019