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Toy Library (formerly Pley) is a monthly toy rental service. Starting at $24.99 per month, subscribers can receive 2 toys per month with an up to $80 value from their library of over 500 toys, which can be exchanged for new toys at any time. All toys and cleaned and sanitized before shipping and include popular and educational STEM brands like Lego, Marvel, Nerf, Hot Wheels, MineCraft, Disney, and more. Toys are available to choose based on your child's developmental stage and ability, for ages 0-12.

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Toy Library has a great idea and the most personable service I have received in a long time. I have no doubt I will be a customer for as long as the recipients are interested. The shipping is fast too!
on 6/30/2019
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This is a scam. They changed name from “Pley”. Check the BBB website. They charge your card and don’t send toys. The website won’t let you cancel and customer service says they are moving warehouse to try to get you to wait longer and be charged again.
on 5/26/2019
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I was so impressed with the support I received, I just had to leave a review. Prompt, friendly, and always helpful. Give it a try!
on 4/30/2019
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I have been reluctant to try this subscription, but recently had several friends who were impressed with the support. We decided to give it a shot. I'm so glad we did. We have been members now for 6 months. Our kids learned so much and they love it!
on 4/21/2019
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We used part of our tax refund to give a year of toys to our grandchildren. The service and toy selection just can't be beat!
on 4/10/2019
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My son is growing so fast and his interests change with the wind. Toy Library has saved me so much money. Not only that, they also donate toys to children that need them. As I teach my son how to be socially responsible, I really appreciate Toy Library is helping to make the world a better place.
on 4/8/2019
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Gave this as a gift for a friend. The family loves it and it's great for the kids that are so hard to shop for!
on 4/2/2019
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1.Easy to use 2. Affordable 3. Helpful support every time I have questions 4. Keeps my kids learning away from the screen The service is great! We will continue to subscribe for years to come as kids grow, without all the clutter of buying new toys every month.
on 3/21/2019
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Every time we look for our next rental, we see something new and toys that aren't available anywhere else. Toy Library is always adding something new!
on 3/11/2019
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My son waits at the door every time we select toys to be sent. What a blessing this site has been! We have almost as much fun choosing our next toy as we do playing with it when it arrives! As long as he enjoys toys we will be a long time customer!
on 3/5/2019