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"Imagine that every morning you are waking up to the fresh aromas of an intriguing new artisanal coffee. As you're holding the warm mug in your hands, and a unique earthy scent is dancing in your nose, as the flavors are swirling around in your mouth, you look down to see where in the world crafted your morning cup of Joe. And, your international, expertly crafted coffees have all met their match... their perfect food match that is. You will be receiving snacks that are skillfully and artfully chosen to enhance the experience of your coffee the same way that cheese and other foods enhance the experience of wine. Your snacks will not only be flavor enhancers and experience enhancers for the artisanal coffees you receive, but the snacks are varied and from all over the world as well. So, start your morning off in the best possible way, ready to take on the world, because you already have. Every morning, you too can meet your perfect match. Join Match Made Coffee and every month you can experience a match made in heaven."

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Sent this to my Dad for his birthday, and he couldn't stop talking about it. Definitely will be getting him another couple months of boxes for Xmas too.
on 11/18/2018
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Love getting my Match Made Coffee box each month! I was in such a rut buying the same old coffee from the grocery store. My husband bought this subscription for me and it has really brought back my love of coffee! And trying the snacks that come with each coffee is so much fun! Totally worth every penny!
on 3/6/2017
Amanda butt pic 1
Super cool. Just got my first box, and the different coffees and cool snacks were great. It even came in this awesome wooden box which is totally different than most. I guess each month it is different, so maybe something else next time? We'll see, but I love it so far.
on 1/26/2017