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Knotty Knickers is a Canadian-based online women's underwear subscription that delivers cute and affordable knickers door to door throughout North America! Enjoy a panty treat delivered to your door in allotments of one, two or three. We offer a range of packages for every woman's needs including: The Nice Package (Full backs: cheekies, briefs, full-backs, boyshorts), The Naughty Package (Thongs, g-strings), and the Sugar and Spice Package (a mix of both packages). We believe that every woman deserves to be treated and she shouldn't have to break the bank doing it! Invest in yourself, invest in some cute Knickers!

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I have loved loved this service! It's literally Victoria's Secret quality for $3 a month. Customer service was great when I emailed them to request certain styles/colours. I have been subscribed for a year now! Highly recommend. ^ In response to the other review here - Amanda. The website and i think also the confirmation email says to hand wash them. You cant throw like delicate knickers into the wash like that. You should also email them if you have any issuesQ! They are great.
on 6/22/2019
Buyer beware!!! I signed up for two underwear subscriptions the same day. Both packages arrived within two days of each other so they all went in the same garment bag to be washed, mind you on gentle cycle with every intention of hang drying them. Well... out of three pairs from Knotty Knickers, one pair was frayed, but still good enough to wear, and the other two had to go in the trash. All of the elastic unraveled from the fabric! Keep in mind that none of the pairs had wash instruction tags and their website says to throw them in a load with your regular laundry, no mention of hand washing, garment bags, gentle cycles, nothing! All three pairs from the other company survived. I was so excited to get this in the mail, but so disappointed when they all fell apart before even getting a chance to wear them. :(
on 8/15/2018