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"Indigo Artbox is a subscription box for anyone looking for a creative outlet and way to learn about art. Each month, we deliver art projects that are inspired by art history to your door with all the materials that you need for an art project. Supply delivery includes 10-12 items and is combined with 2 short online videos for inspiration and guidance. Each box, contains enough supplies for at least 2-3 works of art and for reuse to practice the project's art skill. Boxes can be easily be shared between couples or kids for a fun activity."

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It seems to start you off in a select order no matter when you order. So your first box will be oil pastels/monet, soft pastels/degas, acrylics/cezanne, watercolors, clay, printmaking, watercolor pencils, collage. Kind of disappointed it wasn't something new that they didn't already have listed on their page. And I don't feel I got my money's worth in supplies either.
on 7/3/2017