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"So you are eager to build your indoor jungle? This is the perfect subscription plan for you. Whether you are a planting newbie with low confidence or a planting enthusiast with an unsatiated hunger for more plants, this plan will help you reach your greenery goals! Every month, you will receive a 6” plant (or two or three smaller plants) with a beautiful hand-painted pot or planting accessory, along with the key information to sustain it."

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Not a good value. I subscribed to Horti because we wanted to add decorative houseplants to our house. We don't know much about plants, and the selection at nurseries seem overwhelming, plus then you also have to shop for a planter. Horti seemed like a good choice because their plants come with a decorative planter and instructions, and their website made it seem like they would send you a variety of different plants in a variety of decorative pots. I cancelled after two months. The packaging was fun, but the plants we got were underwhelming, and both plants came in the exact same generic terracotta pot. The day I got our second plant, I was at the grocery store and saw the same exact plants on sale, 2 for $12! The grocery store plants were twice as big and came in hanging planters.
on 2/17/2019