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Candy Club is a candy subscription box that sends up to 3 pounds of candy to you: a mix of classic favorites to new, trendy treats. Save $10 a month with an annual subscription.

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LET THE BUYER BEWARE! I got my first box today. It was advertised as 6-13 oz jars of candy. Imagine my surprise to find six jars, not a single one with 13 oz of candy in them. I got three 12 oz jars, one 11 oz jar and two 9 oz jars. When I called the club, they said the candy is packed by weight and the 13 oz refers to the volume of the cup. What??? It's amazing that you get less that the stated weight of the cup and not more, ever. Coincidence? I think not. It's pretty slick to advertise six 13 oz jars, which are never going to actually be 13 oz. 13 oz should mean 13 oz of candy, not the volume of the jar. Needless to say, this is not a company I'll do business with again.
on 6/21/2019
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I got the January 2019 box, which is the same one reviewed here. The banana-berry ribbons and the chocolate taffy were good, and I'd order them again... except you can't. The new model stinks. You can no longer choose your own, so you're sent whatever. I would never have chosen watermelon taffy, are you kidding me? And I don't know anywhere else in the world that measures candy by the FLUID OUNCE. When it said "16 oz," I thought they meant 16 oz *by weight*, so imagine my surprise when that was not the case. The raspberry puffs are nasty. They reek of artificial flavoring. Granted, all fruity candy has artificial flavoring, but these puffs stink. The raspberry twists were hard and chewy, like they were stale or something. The little cookies and cream bites were nasty. I canceled my subscription. It's way too expensive, especially considering you don't get any choice in what they send you anymore. That was the whole reason I signed up! I'm better off buying a Whitman's Sampler.
on 2/1/2019
Good subscription. I tried some new candies that I really like but there isn't enough choices to keep me interested. I would definitely say give it a try! The cost for a single monthly box is a bit high for what you get in candy. Good candy though. I recommend the chocolate covered almonds and the sour cherry belts.
on 6/4/2017
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The first box they sent me was really fresh and tasted amazing.I had all blue raspberry flavored puffs,twists and bears. Box number two was awful!Had box put on 2 month hold and was sent the next box anyway. The second box they told me I picked which I didn't and the candy was old and tasted funky. I tossed all of it out. I had cherry gummies that I think could have been cough syrup, the berry twists were waxy and super unchewable, and the hard candy fruits were like old dry gummies coated in course sugar.They did issue a refund but for the price I will go buy good candy.If you want to cancel CALL them. Email doesn't work to cancel.
on 1/7/2017
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This is a company that I would never shop with and I ask you all to support the rest of America that does not have the privilege to be connected to the lower 48 states. This company discriminates against those states that are not part of the contiguous US. By refusing to ship to them. People, this candy, not meat or produce that could spoil in transit. The product is non-perishable. Now, let's talk shipping cost, first let me tell you shipping has come a long way over the last decade. What would normally take 4 weeks to ship to Alaska, now takes 3 days for a cost less than $20. Why is it then, when shipping is at an all time low in cost (which is the customer's expense BTW) and the shipping time is the same weather you are shipping Texas or Hawaii, why is the rest of American STATES being left out of these deals and opportunities? It has to stop. Alaska and Hawaii are US STATES, NOT FORGEIN COUNTRIES, stop the discrimination today by refusing to patronize these businesses that single out Americans based on were we choose to live. Thank you.
on 3/27/2016
Mms 20130621
The box is put together so nicely; and who doesn't like trying new candies. My daughter told me I should never get rid of this sub.
on 2/8/2016
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Absolutely abysmal. What an enormous waste of money. It ends up being like $15/pound for candy or something.
on 8/4/2015
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The candy was good, but not worth the price in my opinion. Thinking of getting this as a gift? Just go to a nice candy store.
on 8/3/2015
The candy is always fresh. I enjoy getting this box but now the candy is just starting to pile up.
on 5/24/2015
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I do like the candy that they include but the cost is incredibly high especially if you do not like one or more of the items. The monthly membership ends up costing $10 per pound of candy.
on 4/9/2015