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Spoiler Alert! BoxyCharm July 2019 Spoiler #3!

BOXYCHARM sends out established, indie and up and coming beauty brands. Every month they send you 4-5 full-size beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more.

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    What is Boxycharm and how does it work?

  • BoxyCharm is a monthly subscription service that sends 4-5 full-size beauty products to your door for $21 a month. BoxyCharm boxes are valued at over $100 per box and include free shipping for U.S. subscribers. Unlike other subscription services that offer mini or deluxe samples, BoxyCharm offers 4-5 full-size products every month from a variety of established and indie makeup brands.

    Is Boxycharm worth it?

  • With a promised retail value of $100 plus per $21 monthly box, you'll typically get a great value from this subscription, even if you don't love every single item in your box. We've unboxed and reviewed over 80 individual monthly boxes from Boxycharm since 2013– read our detailed reviews above to see what's inside past boxes, and read comments from other subscribers. You can also read our overview of what we received in 6 months of Boxycharm to see exactly how many eyeshadow palettes and makeup tools we received over half a year! (We found the average retail value was $135/month over the 6 months we analyzed.)

    What's in a Boxycharm box?

  • Boxycharm includes 4-5 full size beauty products including makeup, skincare, beauty tools, and color cosmetics. Each box is valued at over $100 and cost $21 a month. Each monthly Boxycharm box is hand selected by Boxycharm's team of beauty experts. Learn more about what's in an Boxycharm box here or in the reviews above.

    How much does Boxycharm cost?

  • A month-to-month subscription costs $21 a month. You can get a discount if you pay in advance: get Boxycharm for as low as $19.25 per month by prepaying $231 for an annual subscription. Learn more about BoxyCharm billing here.

    When does Boxycharm ship?

  • According to their FAQ, for new subscribers, BoxyCharm boxes within the US typically ship 5-10 business days from successful billing. For existing subscribers, each monthly box is shipped within 5-10 days of the first of the month. (Canadian customers and non-continental US residents may experience longer shipping times.)

    How do I cancel my Boxycharm subscription?

  • You can easily cancel your subscription online at any time in your Boxycharm account– no chatting or calling customer service required. (Keep in mind that if you cancel and want to sign up again in the future, you may end up on the waistlist before your subscription is active again.)

    How does Boxycharm compare to other beauty subscription boxes?

  • Boxycharm ($21/month) is more expensive than its most popular competitor, Ipsy ($10/month)– but for twice the price, Boxycharm gives you more full-sized products and beauty tools, so you do truly get more value for your money. Get the full breakdown on how Boxycharm compares to Ipsy (including how both of their loyalty programs work).

    What is BoxyLuxe?

  • BoxyLuxe is a quarterly $28.99 upgrade option for existing BoxyCharm subscribers; you must have a regular BoxyCharm subscription to receive it! It ships four times a year: in March, June, September, and December. That means that in each of those four months, you're charged a total of $49.99 ($28.99 for BoxyLuxe and $21 for BoxyCharm) to receive the upgraded experience. Each BoxyLuxe box includes 9-10 full sized beauty products worth over $250.

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I decided to unsubscribe to BoxyCharm for a few reasons..... 1) I did not think Joe's pranks, ect were professional, 2)The palettes are like stage makeup. 3)When I go on the boxycharm website, none of the women employed, and promoting the boxycharm box are wearing the bright, ugly , glitter filled theatrical eyeshadows. Their makeup is a natural, soft, and beautiful look. So, when MSA discloses the "spoilers", which oftentimes has a video of 2 women, one brunette and the other blonde show soooo much excitement about the palettes ect. Again, neither are wearing the colors in the spoiler palette. Joe, get off your high horse, and put out realistic color palettes for everyday and a theatrical one for night. I look around when I am at work, or in meetings, and not one of my employee's nor clients have this blinding, bright, overdose of colors. In sum, Ipsy is really doing a GREAT job!!!!! They listen, do not send blinding, glittery eyeshadow ect. They pretty much follow your profile, which is realistic, and what most women would wear everyday. In sum. my question is, are your palettes ect meant for the average woman?I can assume that the answer would be no. Ipsy is going to come on top as the best, and I mean the BEST, beauty box, They are realistic, and I am so impressed with their personal profile option. They have done an excellent job of sending me makeup that fits my style AND is high quality. They truly truly care about their subscribers. Joe, with all the money you are making off your crappy, ugly, palettes, why don't you do a profile on your subscribers? Well, from what I can tell you like drama, and it shows in your choice of palettes ect. The Kat V was a real fallout...... I know I will offend the loyal BC subs, but I have subscribed for many months, and just wasted my money. So, please keep your opinions to yourself, this is not a drama forum but a review, and my opinion.
on 6/11/2019
I’ve been getting boxycharm for years now and I still get excited every month when a new box comes. I noticed that they are adding more skincare products and I’m glad that they are. I like how they now let you choose one item, I’m hoping that soon they will let you choose two. Hoping to see even more skincare items as well. I have subscribed to at least ten different subscription boxes and I can honestly say that Boxycharm is the only one that I stuck with. This box never lets me down!
on 6/7/2019
No Photo
I love it!!! One product pays for the whole box!!!very happy
on 6/5/2019
No Photo
Love my subscription!!! A very satisfied charmer love trying new things that i would love to re purchase in the future!!!!
on 4/25/2019
I tried Boxy Charm for 1 year. Have had the Boxy Luxe for 2 times. I cancelled after April box. I am tired of getting eye paletts, highlighters, BRUSHES, I have enough brushes to fill up 2 large jars, contour and mascaras that are junk. April's box was the biggest disapointment. I only received 4 items in my box and after reading the card, guess they forgot to include the eyeliner. Too bad. I just subscribed to Sephora play and loved my 1st bag. Ready to try something new. I like being surpised with good stuff. I feel that most items in the boxes were items that did not sell in the retail community.
on 4/12/2019
No Photo
I have not had to buy any makeup with my new Boxycharm monthy box. What a savings and I am amazed with my quality Brand items and product sizes. I truly love Boxycharm. They got my vote.
on 4/6/2019
No Photo
I really don't understand how people can complain if they're just paying $21 instead a $100+ value that the whole box has.
on 4/4/2019
I've been happy with most of the products.. but I don't want anymore mascara. I wear false lashes.. send me some of those please!
on 4/3/2019
My first time with Boxy has been HORRIBLE! They took the money for the box on the 1st. Its the 26th of March still NOTHING. Tracking number I was gave stopped showing anything and still no customer service response back. I was so looking forward to this subscription but after this im afraid to let them take money for April too an not recieve a box, a response nor refund. I was SOO excited about this too
on 3/26/2019
The customer service is very disappointing specially for boxyluxe box
on 3/25/2019