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Bandit is a women’s clothing subscription that specializes in beautiful, comfortable, high-quality, European-made bras for full-chested women. Currently, Bandit stocks DD-K cups and 30-48 bands. Choose between their two subscription levels:

The Professional: 2 bras every 6 months ($95.00 per box, and every 5th box is free)

The Connoisseur: 2 bras every 4 months ($77.00 per box, and every 5th box is free)

Subscriptions get you access to bra stylists (which Bandit calls "Bra Whisperers"), special deals, free size exchanges, and free standard shipping. You can also purchase single bras anytime for $65.00 per bra.

When you sign up, Bandit will walk you through the steps of finding your size, so that you can be sure you're getting a great fit!

Shipping: Free standard shipping to the U.S. (Ships to U.S. only.) Expedited shipping is available for an additional fee.

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