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As of January 2018, Babeth's Feast no longer offers a subscription option, but you can save 15% when you mix and match meals for one-time delivery. "Babeth’s Feast provides access to more time, freedom, and comfort with food. Our creative chefs craft small-batch, French-inspired, restaurant-quality food you can savor on your own time—at home and at work. Whether eating with friends, family or solo, enjoy real food, as effortless as it is delicious! With Babeth’s Feast, you don’t have to cook to eat well at home."

Babeth's Feast meals are frozen, and shipped to you weekly or biweekly. All meals include your choice of mains and side dishes, and are $9.99 each. Minimum of 6 per delivery.

Shipping: $15 for non-subscription customers

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