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Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription box from Allure magazine. Each month includes deluxe and full sized beauty and makeup items.

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    What is Allure Beauty Box and how does it work? Our FAQ.

  • Allure Beauty Box is a monthly beauty subscription box service that sends 5 deluxe products curated by the the Allure editor team straight to your door. Each beauty box cost just $15 a month and is valued between $50-$90. Included in every Allure Beauty Box is a mini magazine with a guide on how to use each product as well as an occasional bonus product. Learn more about Allure Beauty Box here.

    What's in an Allure Beauty Box?

  • Allure Beauty Box includes 5 deluxe products valued at over $50 for just $15 a month. Curated by the Allure Beauty Box team, editors mix and select both luxury and indie brands for each monthly box. Each box includes products that have been tried and tested to bring you maximum satisfaction. Learn more about Allure Beauty Box here.

    How Much Does Allure Beauty Box Cost?

  • Allure Beauty Box costs only $15 a month for $50-90 value. New members save $5 on their first month and also receive a gift valued at over $15. For more information on Allure billing click here.

    When Does Allure Beauty Box Ship?

  • Allure Beauty Boxes ship by the third week of every month. You'll receive an email with a tracking number the moment your box ships so you can keep tabs on your Allure Beauty Box every step of the way. If you're a new subscriber, make sure to allow 20 business days for delivery. Learn more about Allure shipping click here.

    How Do I Cancel My Allure Beauty Box Subscription?

  • You can cancel your Allure subscription at any time. Simply email with your request to cancel. Learn more about how to contact Allure Customer Service here

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I know that there is a lot of frustration with Allure these past few months. But I've been a member for a year now and I love them. They are one of the last to ship but the products you get for the price are amazing. They always have new fun stuff to try and great skin care items. I have two boxes and what I don't need I give to friends and family. I've canceled my second subscription a couple of times throughout the year and I've never had a problem. I call and don't email. I would rather talk to someone than wait for a response. The customer service is always really kind and helpful. I will always keep this box because the value is amazing!!! The only thing I would change are the plastic bags that they started using in January. Total waste of money and not eco friendly. They are always torn on the side. Go back to the cute allure boxes.
on 4/18/2019
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I have been signed up with the Allure box since last summer. I signed up when they partnered up with Kat von D and the box was makeup heavy. I kept my subscription until this month. Besides the KVD box and the Nikki Tutorials box, I was always really disappointed. The box wasn't makeup based at all, it was pretty much nothing but skin care. Having extremely sensitive skin I wasn't able to really use anything that came in the box. On top of that, one of my plastic bags came broken (the black one, which I was the most excited about). I don't even get my box until almost the end of the month (I am STILL waiting on my March box), and I have received TWO boxes MISSING product. UGH! I am REALLY fed up with this box. I just unsubbed and signed up for Boxycharm.
on 3/21/2019
I don't understand all these bad reviews. I have had Allure for the past 9 months and have never had any problems except for one time when my box never arrived but I called and they were nice on the phone and sent me out a replacement box which took 9 days to receive. The contents of the box are amazing I always look forward to receiving my Allure beauty box. Its definitely worth the price.
on 3/15/2019
I just had to cancel this subscription. I paid for two months and still have ZERO boxes. You have to CALL to cancel. Your account page doesn't tell you any information about the status of your box. It is just a hot mess. This is what I get for leaving Ipsy. UGH!
on 3/12/2019
I have never had more problems with a company. I have sent five emails asking them to cancel my subscription and they keep sending me the same email asking me to get my next box then email them after that, why so they can charge me again the following month. I just don't understand how they can get anyway with the stuff. May just have to cancel my visa and get a new one. ugh
on 2/27/2019
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Awesome Box, Bad Customer Service! I gave the Allure Beauty Box a try for a year and while 8/10 times I loved the items I was mailed, the customer service and lack there of was a deal breaker for me. When they send out the 'spoiler' email it was always without a link, the tracking number came more often than not after my package arrived and after January's huge SNAFU (first they send out a mass email that they have canceled your order, then they send another that reads they have refunded your money and will be sending out a free box, but when this message is opened it says nothing of the sort, and finally an "oops" message stating the box will ship "soon" which for me was another 2 weeks. I decided to cancel my subscription, because what should be a fun, enjoyable treat was becoming nothing but stress.
on 2/11/2019
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HORRRRIBLEEE!!! I recieved by box with the nail polish already shattered and damaging every single product in the box so I emailed TWICE asking nicely for a replacement or for a refund and I got no reply so when I finally called after 6 days of no response the woman on the phone didn't so much as even fake apologize she just said "okay you're cancelled" and that was all. Rude and I'll be telling everyone I know. I also referred a bunch of people who signed up and then after this I got them all to cancel and will be telling everyone I can to not waste their money/time. Simple customer service skills could have gone a long way. Damaged items are an easy fix but the people they have replying to emails and phone calls are the real damaged items.
on 2/5/2019
I received a broken bag. Didn't have the booklet, eye shadow or lip crayon. The nail polish had leaked on everything. Super disappointed
on 1/29/2019
No Photo
I love my allure box. I've had 3 others and allure is my favorite.
on 1/29/2019
No Photo
I subscribed to the Beauty Box and got charged for it right away, however, it took about 3 weeks to get the actual box, in the meantime they had already charged me for the next month's box, which confused me so I emailed them to ask why the extra charge and got no response, emailed again and again no response, so I finally called them to which they told me that it was the following month's charge. How can they charge you for the next month and still not send the previous month's box? By the way, as I am writing this, I still haven't received the next box, they charged me for it on 1/7 and today is 1/28, and I was told that i was going to have to wait another 7-10 days for me to receive it, something about a product missing, so almost a month after I paid for it, still haven't got it. So after reading a lot of bad reviews about customer service and how it was difficult to cancel your membership, I decided to just that, I had to call them again because they make it very difficult for you to cancel, you can't just do it from your account online like all other boxes, you have to call them and wait on the phone for a long time and when you tell them you want to cancel, they offer you 4 boxes at 12 dollars per box. That was kind of weird to me, but even at $12 it's not worth the headache. Going back to Boxycharm, that is one of the best boxes out there.
on 1/28/2019