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"yureka is a book subscription that puts every one of your dollars toward what you care about most: Finding your next favorite book! Each subscription is customized for our subscribers, so no two boxes are the same!"

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I signed up in late June and have received the July box. While the books I received were a bit longer than books I am used to reading and while the plots weren't ones I would have picked to read myself, I feel as though Yureka really listened (well paid close reading/visual attention anyways) to my reader's profile and these books did fit within my interests and I really ended up enjoying them both. That being said,Yureka's customer service is HORRIBLE! I have been trying to contact for about 2 1/2 weeks regarding a question on pricing and I have gotten ZERO response. I've used the e-mail address listed on their facebook page, leaving a facebook comment, using their contact form on their website and the contact seller form on cratejoy all in attempts to get my question answered and as I said, NO RESPONSE. The August box has already shipped and once I receive it, if my question hasn't been answered, I will cancel.
on 8/12/2017