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Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company


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Designed to ignite your imagination, Wonder and Company presents Wonderful Objects : a quarterly subscription mystery box for the whimsical adult. Wonderful Objects is storytelling through physical objects. Interesting items for your home, wearable delights (from baubles to scents), limited edition art, and more: each box contains 3-5 objects hand-picked to transport you into a world of wonder.

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I placed an order 11/2018 for Christmas gifts for my nephew and sister (one of each box.) Their teasers came after communication about them not getting them. Then we waited with no communication about delays. I sporadically send an email trying to be patient and understanding about speed bumps but it has been 9 months at this point. I emailed again today about exploring options including a refund. Email responses have been polite and prompt but do not yield results. I will hopefully get boxes or refund soon. I do hope to give them another go because it seems like a wonderful concept but this order was an epic fail and left my nephew very disappointed.
on 8/25/2019
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I had the same problem. I waited 7 months for this box due to "supplier problems." There was very little communication and correspondence was very condescending and arrogant. They sent my friend, whose children I had purchased a box and also waited 7 months, an email rather on the insulting side. although the 3 boxes I received were truly wonderful, i cancelled after reading the email that was sent to my friend.
on 2/19/2019
My husband bought me two "quarters" of this box for Christmas 2017. I JUST got my second box. There was little to no communication over the past year other then once when they emailed to say one box would not be finished due to the artist having a family emergency. Otherwise it was just sit and wait and hope. I love the items I got in the boxes but waiting over a year for two quarters is ridiculous!
on 2/7/2019
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It's a fun, interesting box, but comes with terrible customer service. It's quarterly, so you're probably thinking the longest you'll have to wait is 3 months after you subscribe before you get your first box. Well, I've been waiting 6 months, and have yet to receive one. They sometimes respond to email, sometimes not. If they respond, they're nice and professional, but don't hold what they tell you to be based on reality. They don't communicate delays. They don't communicate shipping problems. You'll just be sitting in the dark, wondering if you wasted your money on this and whether you'll see a box. I wish I could tell you no and yes, respectively.
on 5/24/2018