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Trash Club by Divine Trash Vintage


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"Is your mailbox always empty and you’d like to change that? Or do you live in a place where shopping vintage clothing is inaccessible to you? Or do you just hate the vibe of snooty vintage boutiques? Or maybe thrift stores just make you feel depressed and overwhelmed?! Well you should join our World Famous Trash Club! Trash Club members are the luckiest bastards on the planet because once a month they receive a “Trash Bag,” a fat little package of vintage treasure(s) chosen specifically for them! And, okay, you can make any comparisons you want to Snooze Apron or Junk Club or any other subscription service, but I swear this is a horse of a different color. For a mere $30 a month (free shipping what up!!!) you too can be the receiver of a bomb mystery package of vintage goods on the reg. And that’s like 2 juices in New York or LA."

Shipping: US: Free, International: Varies

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