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"The Unbound Box is a curated experience of indulgence in the best way. Every three months, you'll receive a discreetly shipped package that contains full-sized, high quality items that have been hand selected from all over the world."

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Absolutely love this subscription and all this company stands for! Beautifully designed and curated products. Has saved my marriage and my sanity! Thank you unbound!
on 3/27/2018
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They had a technical error where I was sent and charged for 2 boxes. In the instructions of the bullet, it said it had 3 speeds and 7 functions so when I realized there was only one, I checked the other one which did the same thing. Upon emailing, I was told that was also an error and that they will give me a partial credit since I had opened the other box. I was also overcharged for items in their shop during a sale. I understand that mistakes occur, but I shouldn't have to pay $15 for a bullet because of these errors. Great aesthetic and idea, but customer service and product accuracy are too much of a hassle. Also, the value is about the same as the price of the box so its not too bad if there is not all the confusion.
on 2/20/2018
What comes in the box
on 6/21/2015
Img 20150314 073157
I love everything about this subscription box and the people who work here are wonderful, accessible, and so friendly. IMO, most items in each box can be used on solo "missions" or with a partner. I haven't received a box I didn't like, and suspect I will be a subscriber for quite some time.
on 9/2/2014
Img 20150314 073157
One of my favorite subscription boxes. Great value. Also the staff members that I've talked to have been approachable, funny, and solve issues quickly.
on 5/16/2014