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The Music Box is a monthly subscription service that sends music and music-related gifts to your front door. They hand pick emerging artists (keeping in mind your favorite genres) and send you new music every month. Items that may be included in your Music Box are CD's, posters, stickers, wristbands, t-shirts, etc.

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Screen shot 2015 10 27 at 1.02.46 pm
My October music box was fantastic and I am looking forward to the next box. I saw some hints on Twitter about it so I am definitely excited. I hope I can get more stickers in this next box, I now have a collection!
on 10/27/2015
Screen shot 2015 04 25 at 3.17.20 pm
My first box was freakin awesome. Thanks for being rad and introducing me to new bands I wouldn't have ever found on my own.
on 4/25/2015
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My last box was awesome. I got 2 full length CDs and 2 full length album downloads. That's FOUR albums, some cool stickers and extras for $10!! Very happy with my subscription.
on 4/25/2015
This service is no good! :( I got one of three CDs that I'll actually listen to all the way through, I couldn't even stand any songs on the other two albums. And plus, the UNSUBCRIPTION PROCESS is just impossible. You have to e-mail them by a certain date to not be charged for the next month's box, may have to get a new bank account just to unsubscribe from their service.
on 3/29/2015
There is free shipping in the US for all subscriptions, so the Envelope would only be $5! :)
on 12/19/2014
Cute sunshine
Does the envelope version include free shipping, making it $5 total?
on 11/8/2014
I got the October box- Inside was 2 full CD's [I didn't like either one], and a whole lot of advertising and down load cards that make you got to websites you have to register on or down load software on to get music. Most of them were very spam filled and by the time I got to the 3rd one I gave up. Besides junk candy I got nothing extra but some stickers in my box. Already canceled.
on 10/10/2014
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Use promo code "BestBoxEver" for 30% OFF your first box!
on 9/6/2014