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The Dollar Brush's subscription has a $2.99 per month price tag, which will supply customers with a premium electric toothbrush kit and ongoing shipments of two brush head refills every six months. When a customer has hit the two-year mark of their brushing cycle, The Dollar Brush replaces their electric toothbrush, free. (There is also the option to purchase everything outright.)

Shipping: Ships to USA and Canada. Your first month includes a $9.99 shipping fee.

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I've enjoyed using this toothbrush for the past few months now. The vibrations are very comparable to my previous sonic electric toothbrushes. I have referred my family to this service. The customer care staff is also really nice and accommodating.
on 5/24/2018
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Super great brush! Really convenient service and friendly customer care.
on 5/17/2018
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Toothbrush is great and lightweight! It is a Sonicare equivalent. Super affordable! I recommend this toothbrush and service to all my friends!
on 5/12/2018
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I really enjoy using this toothbrush. Easy to carry on trips, minimal charging still enables the powerful and effective proper brush.
on 5/11/2018
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Love this toothbrush! Great price. Love the feeling on my teeth. The bristles are soft and it gets the job done.
on 5/9/2018
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I've been using The Dollar Brush for about a year now. It's a solid product and really convenient to get those refills delivered to my doorstep. I used to dread buying replacement toothbrush head 2-pack sets at the drug store for over $32. Customer service has been great and they were to address all my questions!
on 5/2/2018
The toothbrush is great! I use it everyday after lunch. Been an oral-b toothbrush user for the past 5 years. Soft bristles. Powerful engine. This is the real deal folks!
on 5/1/2018
Received my dollar brush a week ago and have been using it ever since. It's really powerful and the bristles feel good on my teeth. I used to be an oral-b user and decided to give this a shot since my other toothbrush broke. Man, this is such a deal. I pay $40 a year for replacement brush heads at the drug store alone. So for an electric sonic toothbrush and brush head replacements at the same price is totally worth it.
on 4/30/2018
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This has been a great service so far. I've been a subscribe for the past 3 months. The customer service is impeccable, the staff is knowledgeable about the product and made sure the toothbrush suited my needs. I really needed soft bristles, and the product was just as advertised.
on 4/28/2018
Dog 1
I love my dollar brush! It feels like my teeth are being professionally cleaned. It's a very powerful toothbrush and super comparable to the philips one.
on 4/27/2018