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Every season Rachel and her TZR editors will hand-curate more than $400 of our favorite fashion, beauty and lifestyle items.

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I will be canceling my subscription. I had such high hopes for this box and really was looking foreword to adding coveted pieces to my closet and to my beauty shelf. My fall box came in November. The products were fine but not the La soula rings. My winter box has not arrived! It’s now Jan13 and the holidays have long since wrapped up. I was charged for the box and charged for the duties. I was sent an email that my box had shipped on Dec. 29. Well two weeks later NADA. Customer service will not respond except for generic “Her is your ticket number and someone will get back to you on 2 working days”. Well no one has. This is a horrible box horrible customer service and really just a scam in a box.
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on 1/13/2018
I've been a BOS subscriber from the very beginning (i think that makes nearing 10 boxes, I've received). Over the past year I have been inclined to cancel the subscription, due to the decrease is quality, from the earlier boxes. However, I continued to give feedback with hopes of seeing an improvement. Such as, the "Tribal Bag" we received in the Spring 2017...the leather straps, were so cheap and plastic in feel, they wouldn't even bend... I couldn't even give it away! This current Winter Box, was even worse. I passed the clutch around to anyone willing to try to open it, without success. If you put the clutch on a flat surface it couldn't even stand up for wobbling back and forth. I also, never received the earrings, which was a part of this BOX. I repeatedly wrote to customer service, sharing my challenges. I was asked to take picture of my damaged clutch (hello, it's not damaged....it's cheap and you can't even open it)! Then I asked for my next box to be FREE, given two of the main pieces were either missing, or broken (could not open). And, the answer was "sorry", but no. One final note I shared with customer service: When you unpack a box of style from Rachel Zoe, the clutch purse, still in a box, with all kinds of cheap wrapping, etc, shouting....MADE in China, as if it was just pulled off of a cargo freight carrier, it doesn't exactly feel "glamorous"! What a shame. But, this girl is done trying to make it work....they need to go back to their mission statement, and try again.
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on 1/10/2018
My Rachel Zoe Winter 2017 box arrived today and even though it was later than expected and I knew everything that was going to be in it (my own fault for reading the spoilers), I LOVE IT ALL. My least favorite might be the Osea Hydrating Oil but only because I haven’t ever tried it, and my most favorite items are a tie between the amazing House of Harlow earrings and the beautiful faux fur scarf, both of which make me feel as if I’m far more of a glamour puss than I actually usually feel like I am. I know people say, “I have no place to wear them!” but why subscribe to a box curated by a fabulous stylist if not to push you a bit out of your comfort zone and feel a bit fabulous yourself, even if it’s just walking down the street on a regular day? Otherwise you may as well subscribe to a different kind of box, one that fits with your current lifestyle as it is, and then you won’t feel like you’ve wasted your money. I love my RZ boxes: they’re both a splurge for my wallet and a push for my wardrobe, but they make me happy! Happy holidays to all :-)

Susan Thompson

on 12/19/2017