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POPSUGAR Must Have is a quartely lifestyle subscription box curated by the editors at POPSUGAR. Each box features their "must have" products for beauty, fashion, home, food, fitness and more. Every box has a value of $250 +!

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    What is POPSUGAR Must Have and how does it work? Our FAQ.

  • POPSUGAR Must Have is a quarterly beauty subscription service that brings you 6 full-size premium products from beauty, fashion, and home every season. Curated by founder of POPSUGAR Lisa Sugar herself, each monthly box contains products valued at over $300. For more about POPSUGAR Must Have click here.

    What's in a POPSUGAR Must Have Box?

  • All POPSUGAR quarterly boxes include six or more products valued at over $250. Each seasonal box is thoughtfully curated by POPSUGAR founder Lisa Sugar and the POPSUGAR team. Learn more about the full-size products in POPSUGAR Must Have here.

    How Much Does POPSUGAR Must Have Box Cost?

  • POPSUGAR Must Have boxes cost $75 every quarter. Each box is valued at over $300 per box. To learn more about the two subscription POPSUGAR Must Have box offers click here.

    When Does POPSUGAR Must Have Box Ship?

  • POPSUGAR Must Have boxes are sent out each season following the shipping schedule here.

    How Do I Cancel My POPSUGAR Subscription?

  • You can cancel your POPSUGAR Must Have subscription in a couple of ways. Click here for more information.

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By far the worst box, and customer service, I have ever experienced. For starters, everything was ruined, rusty, cheap, sitting on the warehouse forever type stuff. Second, when I tried to get customer service to fix things (my clutch had rust, my Tarte face mask had no safety seal and was all over the place, etc) they wouldn't do it. They told me specifically they had no more items to went me as replacements. Then I see their May box is the exact same thing as my March box!! The. Exact. Same. Items. Don't waste your time or money.
on 4/7/2019
i cancelled. bleh. this box was by far a hodge podge of left overs found in a vaiety of warehouses. the bag had an odor, the donut bar was horrible!!!! i spit it out and threw the whole thing away. the brush was less than thrilling. it is a brush. the clock looks very cheap. the necklace...oh come on....do you really think we adults with eight bucks to spend would like it?????? you all need a new curator, this box sucks. the end. i am over and out.
on 3/21/2019
Canceling. Not worth the price. I think this is the worst box yet. You just can’t charge that much when it’s worth less then other boxes that are cheaper.
on 3/16/2019
No Photo
What a way to steal money from people. Items that you will probably don't even need and very unexpensive look of each one of them. I'll pass
on 3/9/2019
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I'd been in/out of love with the monthly box for a while. While I believe the value was absolutely worth the cost, I always found myself only being excited about 1 or 2 of the products I recieved because the box is a collection of varied product and interest types. I was IN LOVE with the February box, unfortunately I had cancelled in January. *heartbreak* I signed up as soon immediately in May hoping I'd get a leftover. No go, they were transitioning into their new quarterly box calendar. I took the risk, paid the new fee amount and waited for the new PS nervously. Ladies, the box is incredible. There were custom options and sizes, that was my first clue that this was going to be different in a whole new way. I love all of it! It's given FFF a run for its money as my favorite quarterly sub. The box itself is huge, classy and filled with quality products. If February was an appetizer then the change made PSMustHave one delectable main dish. I think Fall will be a true treat! PS knows what the reaction was, if subscribers liked the change and can use the profits to leverage the inclusion of even more luxe brands. That means bigger and better no matter how you cut it. I'd pay $80 a month if I knew I was getting a box like Summer's surprise. I was bit shocked at the amount of initial anger and sub drops, change isn't a bad thing. I hope others who believed in PS felt as rewarded as I did. I also hope those of you who were reasonably worried and cancelled give Fall a chance to win you back and love everything PopSugar will be working hard to put together until then. I can't wait!!
on 5/30/2018
I also just read that the Popsugar box is changing from Monthly to quarterly.
on 5/11/2018
No Photo
Why does your review say that the Popsugar box is $39.95??? When I click on subscribe and look into signing up it says the Popsugar boxes are quarterly and they are $79.95. Thats a big difference in price...Why???
on 5/11/2018
Img 8112
Got a 50% off coupon for Keurig! ...didnt work. Shocker!! -_-
on 1/6/2018
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Good company, excellent service, low prices!
on 9/27/2017
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This was a mistake. I paid 1/2 price for 6 months and still don't think these boxes are with the $20. This month I can live with the body shower carrot oil. $20. Nope. My 20 year old will take the terrarium, I've been giving her quite a few of the cast offs. She didn't even want the love necklace. The cutting board thing is stupid. Yes, you can put a cup or dip on it but I have serving pieces that are more designed for appetizers. The worst is toothpaste really?? Floss?? Grandmothers lavender sachets for my drawers. Only if I want to smell like an 80 year old. The corn nuts taste bad. My 17 Year old son didn't even like them. I'd be happy to trade the cutting board but I'm sure there will be hundred to get rid of.
on 4/8/2017