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PawPack makes it effortless for you to bond with your pet while promoting a healthy and sustainable lifestyle. PawPack offer a curated subscription service that provides you and your cat or dog with a box of surprise products each month that will always be all-natural and grain free. PawPack strives to save the lives of shelter pets, and just by being a PawPacker, you will be doing just that. PawPack has a commitment to finding every pet a home shines through everything they do. 10% of proceeds go directly to supporting rescue causes. PawPack is committed to only sourcing grain-free, all-natural products and do not sell edibles made in China. And they offer a 100% allergy guarantee; so if your furry friend is allergic to any ingredients in the products, simply email them to have a new treat shipped to you. PawPack's team of pet experts upholds rigorous standards, and always strives whenever possible to ensure the products are organic, eco-friendly and free of byproducts.

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We just signed up with pawpack - as we have seen many of our puppy friends with their boxes and how much they love them, so we just had to get on board!! We have been so impressed with the level of customer service we have seen so far !! And are so excitied to have jumped on board with pawpack. Treats and Toys are of the highest quality. We cant wait to get our first box - soon as we do you can be sure Angel and Nyx will demand that I write another review with how much they enjoy their box.

Melissa Shaw

on 4/25/2015
Grayson & I absolutely love Pawpack. There's peace of mind knowing that everything will always be all natural and eco-friendly. I am so particular with what I give Grayson, so I love receiving this box knowing that everything inside will be good enough for him! Through Pawpack we have discovered some of our favorite and upcoming companies - It is great to see the inclusion of smaller businesses and also businesses who deserve more recognition! Now whenever a package is dropped off at our house, Grayson starts howling and bouncing around. I love seeing how excited he gets to receive his boxes!
No Photo


on 4/24/2015
We have been getting PawPack for a few months now. I have to say that the box is always fun! We have gotten toys, helpful advice, treats and many other things that are beneficial to @icantpipethefdown and me! I love that all of the treats are 100% natural and Piper has always seemed to greatly enjoy them! Grain free is important for me with her because we hate fillers! The toys are durable too! Their customer service is amazing as well. I recommend this box to everyone that has a dog or a cat! Each box includes samples of products for your pet and we have actually went and purchased some of these. I never would have thought to get some of the goodies and I'm so glad we are exposed to these treats through the PawPack! I spoil myself and it was time to start spoiling Piper once a month as well! We highly recommend this box!

Lauren Heather Boggs

on 4/24/2015