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Each month you'll receive a curated collection of three niche fragrances each month, 2.25 ml sprays of each, from perfume artists around the world. You will also receive an $18 credit toward the full-bottle purchase of a featured fragrance.

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Purchased a first time 3 month subscription to test the company, not to be re-billed repeatedly. I noticed Olfactif excessively bills you automatically unless you contact the company to remove the re-bill subscription to avoid future deductions to my credit card. However you CAN NOT contact Olftactif, it's been over a week & they do not respond to any emails. There's also no phone number listed for them either and when email is the only option it is extremely concerning since they do NOT respond to emails. My recommendation is that you sign up to their service at your own risk, you will be re-billed, especially when do not respond to customer concerns. BEWARE: Zero customer service, No phone contact. They will repeatedly bill you WITHOUT notifying you until you read your billing statement. Stay as far away as you can from this company unless you like being taken advantage of and billed for a service you don't want nor need.
on 6/3/2018
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I didn't care for any of the scents my first box. I will be cancelling because $18 is just too much for 3 samples. If I had liked one of the fragrances, sure, that $18 would have gone towards my purchase, but I would really have to love it. I'm going to stick with ScentBird.
on 8/7/2015
I'm very happy with the box I received! Excellent curation and timely shipping. 18 dollars is not exactly a bargain for 3 (large) perfume samples, but I feel like I got what I paid for. Lovely packaging with thoughtful note descriptions of the perfumes. And $18 could go toward buying a perfume you loved from their website! Definitely recommended for perfume nerds.
on 6/8/2015
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Just got my first box a few days ago, really like it! I wasn't completely in love with all three scents, but the variety is great and I think pretty much anyone would really like at least one of them, and the 18 dollar credit they give you really makes it worth the money, in my opinion. I love having lesser known perfumes, this is great way to try new things without completely breaking the bank. I also love the interviews and information on each scent's creator on the olfactif site. This is definitely most interesting subscription so far.
on 10/25/2014
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Have you received this box before? If so, what did you think?
on 12/4/2013