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Nadine West is a monthly styling service. Each month, they send you 2-4 items, usually a single top and matching jewelry, each in the ~$20 range. Keep what you love and send the rest back. Pay only shipping to receive your box - you only pay for the items you keep, and the cost of shipping will be credited toward those items!

Shipping: $9.78 shipping fee, which is credited toward any items you wish to keep

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    What does Nadine West do?

  • Nadine West delivers surprise outfits to your home to try-on before buying in your spare-time.

    How does Nadine West work?

  • 1. Take your style quiz and receive a surprise outfit catering to your unique style. 2. Try it on in your spare-time. Keep what you love, return what you don't using the included prepaid return mailer, which can be dropped right into your mailbox. 4. After ~10 days, you'll automatically be debited for kept items, avoiding the hassle of checkout.

    How much are Nadine West items?

  • As opposed to having items that cost upwards of $75 or $100, Nadine West items typically range from $10-$25. Price-ranges can be controlled from your profile.

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LOVE Nadine West! I tried several of the other box subscriptions and was totally disappointed. Their costs are way out of my league, they charge a styling fee (which wasn’t refundable unless I bought something) and the outfits they sent were the total opposite of what I would ( or could wear as I have a skin disease that disallows me from wearing lace, will etc). I tried Nadine West with not a lot of hope in the service but boy was I ever surprised when I received my first package! After trying everything on and falling in love my heart sank a little thinking I wouldn’t be able to afford the entire ensemble. Surprise number two when I looked at the pricing. I was so pleased I switched to the two week subscription! Nadine West is a small company that puts it’s heart into their business. Try them, you won’t be disappointed!
on 12/8/2019
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I absolutely love this service! The clothing you send are always of high quality and the sizing is perfect for me. I have really started wearing different colors and styles since starting with your company. Thank you so much for giving me a makeover. Best service ever!
on 12/5/2019
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I’ve switched to Nadine from Stitchfix and I am definitely satisfied! The prices are absolutely unbeatable and style is spot on! I’m always tempted to keep the entire package. The team is incredibly kind and willing to communicate. You can completely specify your preferences on your profile which I have found very useful. Shipping back is super easy and convenient. I definitely recommend giving this a try!
on 12/4/2019
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I've been loving my Nadine West outfits! I usually want to keep the entire package! Everything that comes is exactly what I asked for in the survey! Very pleased!
on 11/28/2019
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NadineWest is by far the best service I have signed up for. I do one other and although I love that service too and it’s a great company they are good in there own ways NadineWest has provided me with some super cute clothing. At the most affordable prices. I am a mama to two girls one is a teenager and she has some disabilities and recently had to get braces that her insurance won’t cover. So I can’t offord the prices of most the styling services out there. The prices are great and the pieces are adorable. Some are very unquie. I didn’t have good luck with my first bag. I was really excited to get it so yes I felt some disappointment. However I do understand first time round is hard to get someone style spot on. So I keepted going and with every bag they get better and better. I recently this past year lost about 60 lbs. After my mom died I lost myself in depression. I eventually snapped out of it and knew my mom wouldn’t have wanted me to do this to myself or my family. So I worked hard to lose the weight and now I have NadineWest to help style and make me feel beautiful again. My customer service rep Jaymie is outstanding. She is always fast to respond to my many emails and requests for certain items. She is so nice and friendly. I feel like in am talking to a friend. I am bummed over the fact that the few times I have requested some certain pieces they are out of stock. Everytime. I am not sure how I can get these pieces if they are always out of stock. If I could order a bag as many times as I would like a month I would be happy to order so many monthly I don’t think you guys would be able to keep up with my shipments lol. I love NadineWest. I do feel like that’s why I don’t get the pieces I have requested. The timing of my shipments. I live pretty far from where you guys are at. It takes over a week to receive my items and for my items to get back to you guys so once the items are sent back the pieces are gone. I did ask for jeggings in my last bag because I am trying to rebuild my wardrobe since my weight loss and need some bottoms other then leggings. I didn’t get any in my last bag. I don’t know why my guess would be maybe because that amazing customer service rep Jaymie of mine has switched me from having any stylist to a personal stylist the note for jeggings got overlooked. I am hoping that’s what it was at lest. I have heard so many would say they have bad luck with you guys. But I don’t see how they could. My only problems and complaints are that I never get the items I request for whatever reason. I wish I could order more then twice a month and my note for jeggings over looked. Other than those things this company is so amazing you have a loyal customer and a forever friend. Also maybe figure out what your rewards point is for. I think having that type of system is good but I know a lot of customers are getting irritated you guys don’t know what they will be used for yet. I really enjoy doing my you tube videos and enjoy promoting you guys on my social media and I just made a Facebook page for fashion about a month ago. I get asked all the time about your service.
on 11/27/2019
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I really love Nadine West for keeping me looking sharp even when I don't have the time to shop around. It's usually so hard for me to find items that fit, but the sizes and styles have been spot on. I've been receiving a lot of compliments. It's also sooo exciting to unwrap the pink packages to see what is inside! It's like Christmas every month!
on 11/25/2019
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I love my Nadine West subscription! I get cute clothes and an affordable rate I don't have to get them I can cancel it anytime! it is completely risk-free the only thing that you end up paying for shipping and if you don't like anything in the bag you don't have to keep it! I mean we've all walked into a store seeing something cute grab it and got home and it just didn't fit right or it looked weird and now you're stuck with this piece of clothing that you're not sure that you'll ever wear I'd like that I don't have that issue anymore I've liked that I have cute comfortable clothes delivered to my door every month and if I don't like him no harm no foul and if I love them then I got 2 or three new outfits and really cute jewelry to where! But most importantly it keeps my closet fresh we all have those outfits we've been hoarding since before we had kids or whatever else that we keeping her closet and we can't get rid of but I can constantly change my style and look how I want and I have the ability to get rid of the clothes that I don't wear anymore because I have new clothes every month I love this I would absolutely recommend it to anybody I know
on 11/24/2019
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Iam a mother of 4. I don't have time to try on clothes athe stores. I love Nadine West. Its my new way of shopping. I love the clothes they send i dont always keep them all but everything most of the time i love and fit in. I have a hard time finding clothes for my body type so this makes me feel super comfortable and confident. I feel beautiful. Thank you so much
on 11/17/2019
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I love Nadine West! I really look forward to my pink packages every month. Everything is wrapped so pretty it’s like getting a present! The quality & style of the clothing is fabulous & the prices are really affordable. The stylist does a great job of picking out items that fit my profile. I highly recommend a Nadine West subscription!
on 11/15/2019
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I look forward to getting my Nadine West packages. Everything I have received has been of excellent quality for and amazing price. I love having me stylist pick things for me because I’m not great at shopping and I get overwhelmed too easily, this subscription helps so much!
on 11/14/2019