Mouth: Snacks Every Month

Mouth: Snacks Every Month


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"Are you a self-proclaimed snacker? This one’s for you: Every month, you’ll get to dip day and night into something pickled, crunchy, crumbly, chewy. There’s enough in each sack of snack to alternate between salty and sweet, then back again. Here's what we recently shipped out to upgrade your snack drawers: hand-cut white corn tortilla chips and smoky Peruvian pepper salsa to chip-dip away, caraway and garlic dill pickles, black truffle popcorn to deliver that umami punch, mouth-watering Korean BBQ beef jerky, and an incredibly satisfying peanut butter nougat chocolate bar. This is also the best gift for grazers, procrastinators, or people who like to open and close bags. (Netflix not included.)" 3, 6, and 12 month subscription options.

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