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Formerly known as Morgans, Public Goods wants to "make healthy products affordable to all." After paying for a yearly membership feel, members can buy their essential bathroom and personal care products at cost. You can try their service free for thirty days, and then are charged $60 per year ($5/month) for membership access. For members, prices range from $2.75 for bar soap to $4 for body wash and $7.75 for toilet paper. New products are being introduced monthly.

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To get free shipping you need to order $25 or more worth of stuff so I ended up throwing in random items that I didn't really need like their surface cleaner bottle. This was a huge mistake as it broke in transit spilling out cleaning fluid all over the rest of my order. The box arrived in a plastic bag that the mail carriers probably added because it was soaking wet and falling apart. When I attempted to contact customer support they told me they didn't offer returns or refunds but would ship replacements for the items that were damaged. Unfortunately they then cut off communication all together and never followed up. I sent more emails and got the same initial response with zero followup. As for the products the reason they're so cheap is because they're very small so what you're paying for is all packaging and shipping and they clearly expect you to order frequently and spend at least $25 on each order. This service seemed to good to be true and thats because it is. I wouldn't recommend friends signing up. Even though its fairly cheap it's still not worth it.
on 5/22/2018
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I love the simplicity of the packaging and choice. It's all one natural fragrance which is nice. Think it's a great value and recommend.
on 5/18/2017
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I've been using the following Morgans products for around 5 months now: here's what I think of each: - bamboo toilet paper: I like this for so many reasons. - razors: the quality is great and I never run out. My boyfriend steals my stash too. - bar soap: I like the look and scent of the bar. It's big, so I rarely use it in its entirety,but I enjoy replacing it every month for a fresh one. - the boyfriend and I both use the shampoo and I use the conditioner. The mild scent is very appealing and the shampoo has a great lather & the conditioner is super fast acting. - deodorant: I don't use it often, but when I do, I like the Morgans brand to other natural brands that I've used. - I don't use their toothpaste, but I do often buy their bamboo toothbrushes, to keep around for guests and travel. - I don't use the shaving cream. - I don't use the moisturizer though I have it...I actually find it think and nice...but I haven't gotten into the habit of using it. - the liquid hand soap is the best. I have it in the kitchen and bathroom. Bonus is the clean look of this brand. Also, I live in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and don't have a car. It is helpful to not have to hand carry these items back from the Whole Foods - leaves more room for my groceries.
on 5/16/2017
I love the products. Great value also. I believe they do a free trial or you get $24 worth of product free so it's pretty low risk anyway.
on 5/16/2017
I found the products to be really disappointing. The hand and body wash left my skin very dry and irritated. The moisturizer is very thin and did little to moisturizer my hands. From other negative reviews online, I decided not to use the shampoo or hair conditioner. Regrettably, not remembering that the word "natural" has no meaning in the cosmetic world, I signed up for three months. The company was not willing to refund my unused two months of membership and would not offer a refund for unused products. It took me several tries just to have my membership cancelled so I would not be charged again. These products do not offer either value or quality. The ingredient list is on the website. Check those chemicals out carefully prior to purchasing. And, think about the size of the products in terms of cost. You will do far better at the drug store, in my opinion.
on 5/1/2017