Mirenesse Glamm Box VIP Club
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Mirenesse Glamm Box VIP Club


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The Mirenesse VIP Club is $25 a month and comes with a $25 voucher to spend on the site each month in addition to a bi-monthly beauty and makeup Glamm Box subscription.

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I was very interested in this box, however after hearing all of these stories I think i'll go with something else. I love purses and that was why I wanted to get it, but I don't have money for them to just charge and hold. I'm sure most of you know this but if you use a debit card, you can explain your situation to the bank and in my experience they will automatically give your money back and review the situation for you, i'm sure that would get their attention if all of a sudden, they start having chargebacks for all of the over charges. I appreciate everyone be so up front about this, I fell in love with one of the purses that are actually up for swapping, I just have to get my stuff loaded on the site and hopefully I can get the purse I want that way! Thanks again, I'm new to the whole subscription thing and this really helps!
on 3/18/2015
I subscribed and never received my beauty box. this company tripple charged me for one month and only reimbursed me for one of the wrong charges. I've been trying to contact them for 3 months now about my beauty box and they have completely ignored me. As nice as their products seem the way they conduct business leaves a sour taste in my mouth and I will never recommend them. I don't appreciate being wrongfully charged multiple times and then, never receiving my beauty box. Be warned CS is non responsive to issues. I reached out through email and Facebook and I only received a email saying they are looking into it and will get back with me, that was 3 months ago. Every email they have ignored.
on 12/9/2014
Gosh Darnit!!!! I just bought like 80$ worth of makeup from them and got a sub!!! I thought they were good! I wonder how many people this has happened to! If u read this LIZ please tell me what u know about this company and if you've ever messed with them OR anyone else reading this!!! THANK U!!!!
on 12/7/2014
I'm really confused on this subscription. Bi-monthly means 2x's a month/every 2 weeks. So for $25 a month you get 2 boxes AND a $25 store credit? I'm thinking by her putting bi-monthly she meant every 2 months, not 2x a month. Can anyone confirm this for me? And any comments on the box? Like what comes in each box? Thanks, Jennifer Posted:9/19/14
on 9/19/2014
I don't recommend this box or this Company. While their products seem to be great. Their service, and conduct is not. The cost for VIP membership is 26 a month and the beauty box is sent every two months. I haven't received my box but they charged me 3 times for one month. So I was charged a total of 78 dollars and I incurred bank fees of 30. I contacted them right away after noticing they had charged me twice. They apologized and said I would receive a refund. Only instead of refunding me the $26 dollars they charged me a third time. Horrible horrible experience 100+ was charged to my card because of Mirenesse and I have nothing to show for it.
on 9/9/2014
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I subscribed to this box and it shipped next day. I will review it once it arrives. I love Mirenesse products. They are extremely amazing in quality and have new and improved formulas constantly arriving for us to try out. I also love the free gifts that I get with my orders.
on 7/5/2014
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A waste of time and money. Don't bother. After reading reviews on other blogs it is clear the subscription service membership has changed in price and structure recently. At the moment, I think three $25 monthly payments are required before receiving the first of the bi-monthly Glamm Boxes. At last I found a picture of the November 2013 Glamm Box ---- THERE WERE ONLY THREE ITEMS!!! . Each item retails for about $25. After making two monthly payments, I expected to receive a Glamm Box. They are vague on the website about when exactly the box is sent. According to the FAQ -- " Your first Beauty Box is sent on your second payment, which is in 30 days from your joining date and sent bimonthly thereafter. This period does not include the shipping time." Elsewhere it says "You will receive Your first VIP Beauty Box in 60 days from your joining date and sent bimonthly thereafter. This period does not include the shipping time." Their reply's to my emails never answered the simple question - "Where is my Glamm Box? Was it mailed? Can I have the tracking number" I also placed two orders. On my second order, I tried to apply my $25 voucher to the order, and ordered a Glamm Box. The order was well over the minimum required to use the voucher without the Glamm Box. The Glamm Box and discount were included when I reviewed the order, both disappeared when I confirmed the order. I wrote the company and asked where the voucher was applied. It wasn't, so they gave me another voucher --- so I could spend another $65 --- no thanks. The products are okay, but the retail price is crazy expensive. Dior's and Channel's mascara retail for about $30 -- these start at $35+ for full size. The lash serum is $110! A Glamm Box of 3 items may retail for over $80 -- but the actual value is much lower. If there was information about what to expect in the Glamm Boxes -- I missed it. AVOID THIS
on 6/3/2014
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WOW! I just read the previous review. I paid two months and told them I would not pay for another month until I received my box. As of yet, I have not received a clear response. I also purchased a few products as well using the VIP discount and special offers. These were great values, but not with a $25 monthly fee. My Glamm Box is processing. They don't list the tracking number for the boxes, so I am not sure what 'processing' means. I have asked for the tracking number several times with no luck. If anything changes, I will post an update.
on 6/3/2014
No Photo
I subscribed to this box and do not recommend it. It costs $25/month and you don't get a box until the second month. At least, those were the conditions when I signed up. I've now paid for my second month and have not received a box. When I contacted the company, they said they are now waiting until the third month of payment before sending a box. I have a few products from this company, and while they are nice, they are not amazing-definitely not worth $75 for a beauty box. I'm cancelling my subscription and saving my money for a company that won't pull a scam like this one-charging me for a product and not delivering!
on 5/26/2014