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Spoiler Alert! Macy’s Beauty Box January 2018 FULL SPOILERS!

Each month you will receive five deluxe beauty samples, one bonus item, a collectible cosmetics bag and a $5 beauty coupon exclusively for Beauty Box subscribers, available for use online and in-store.

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I wanted the to try the Macy’s box as soon as I herd about it. So I got it wasn’t impressed so I went online and canceled. Well they sent me another one even though I canceled and customer service told me some bill sh*t and that this is now my last box. Well guess what another one came next month. Oh the second month they actually sent me two boxes I was charged for both. So after 4 months a total of 6 boxes I canceled my Macy’s credit card, I’ve been with Macy’s since the 80’s. It was only way to stop even though they still try to send me boxes. I get emails every month to update my billing information for that stupid box. The whole experience was unbelievably unprofessional. Each time I called customer service I was basically told the same bull, they made it seem like I didn’t cancel even though it said I did on the web site. The whole experience really changed my view of Macy’s who is going out of business eventually anyway.

Beth Allen

on 1/8/2018
I really like the products I've been getting in this beauty box, I'm into my 4th month and have not had any issues. The bags are useful and better than some other companies. The products are ones that i like... I don't know what the bad reviews are about. Granted, it's not many new products and been more skincare sided..but I'm liking the selection. Will keep on with it and see how it all pans out in the next few months!

on 9/30/2017
I received my first Macy's box a couple days ago. It has a super cute bag with a great selection of higher end samples inside. I dropped my Birchbox subscription to get this beauty box. I am 52, like a natural low maintenance look with quality skincare & makeup. I also receive Sephora Play, Ipsy and Allure beauty boxes. I really enjoy receiving makeup & skincare samples and am very happy with my Macy's box. Even though I don't wear perfume - my family and friends enjoy the samples I have to give away.
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on 8/7/2017