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"LUXSB – Luxury Scent Box is a fragrance subscription service offering authentic designer and niche perfume and cologne. Members discover their scent with a 30-day monthly fragrance supply for $15.00/month (other membership plans available at checkout for no charge to premium fragrances.) Love Life With Perfume ™ Explore over 500 designer & niche perfumes and colognes with Luxury Scent Box perfume subscription. Free Shipping. Month to Month. Cancel Any Time."

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Recommended, I canceled my Scentbird subscription to move over to Luxury Scent Box. 3 month customer now, I get billed on the second of each month and my order arrives in 6 days. Really good experience with customer service, very professional when I asked for my billing date to be changed. High quality of perfume and love the fact its a larger size then other sub boxes.
on 1/5/2020
The bottles don't last the month. The fragrances don't seem to last the whole day. My first box was received on the 15th of November, it is now December 23rd and I don't even have a tracking number for my second box so this isn't even monthly. Also I sent an email trying to change my first fragrance after I accidentally selected the wrong one and I didn't even get a reply. Horrible customer service, bad product.
on 12/23/2019
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Great Service! Luxury Scent Box carries a large variety of Niche and Designer fragrances. My first box I picked Shay & Blue White Peaches. I can not wait to try others from this collection.
on 12/22/2019
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Purchased a gift membership last year and the receiver was so impressed by the service. I have purchased again this year for gifts and even bought one for myself. Received my first month already within 7 days and received my second month within 5 days. Recommended compared to other boxes I have tried.
on 12/14/2019
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Great service. I love this company. I goofed up and forgot to change my new shipping address. Contacted Customer service and they were so nice to fix the issue promptly. Excellent customer service and they have a nice large selection of perfume compared to Scentbird.
on 11/6/2019
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They have the largest perfume and cologne subscription which is a 9ml you receive each month. Great selection and I have tried other perfume subscriptions and I am most happy with LUXSB.
on 11/5/2019
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Fast shipping. largest selection and larger size then other sample perfume sizes. My brother and I recommend LUXSB.
on 10/13/2019
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Signed up with a coupon code received my first box in 5 business days. I enjoyed my first month cant wait to get Octobers box.
on 9/25/2019
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Luxury Scent Box love the service. There new packaging is very nice and attractive. I signed up received my box in 4 business days. They have a great selection of Niche brands. First fragrance I picked was Aedes De Venutas.
on 9/19/2019
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Highly recommended. I goofed up on my shipping address as I just moved and I didn't update it on my account. Contacted LUXSB customer service and they immediately sent out another one to my new address as a one time deal. I really appreciate how this was handled. Very professional.
on 9/19/2019