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Loot Crate is a monthly subscription for geeks and gamers. Each month they send 4+ items from your favorite pop culture franchises - including a t-shirt every month and more licensed and exclusive items. Expect collectibles, gear, figures and more – $45+ value in every crate

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    What is Loot Crate?

  • Loot Crate is a monthly subscription “for geeks and gamers.” Loot Crate sends out licensed figures, t-shirts, home goods, and more. They send out a lot of exclusive items that you can't buy anywhere else. They promise over $45 value in every crate.

    Is Loot Crate worth it?

  • Loot Crate is worth it if you're looking for exclusive geeky items that you can't buy in the store at the time of shipment. Be sure to check on current Loot Crate Spoilers to make sure that month is worth it to you.

    When does Loot Crate ship?

  • Loot Crate ships between the 17th-20th every month. Sign up before the 19th at 9PM PT to get that month's themed box.

    What kind of items will Loot Crate send me?

  • Loot Crate sends out licensed figures, t-shirts, home goods, and more. They send out a lot of exclusive items that you can't buy anywhere else. They promise over $45 value in every crate.

    How do I contact Loot Crate's customer care?

  • You can contact them by filling out this form

    How much does Loot Crate cost?

  • Loot Crate is $13.95 a month with a $6 shipping charge for a month-to-month plan.
    A 3-month plan is $57.75 every 3 months (you save $2.10).
    A 6-month plan is $113.70 every 6 months (you save $6).
    A 12-month plan is $215.40 every 12 months and includes a free Loot Crate shirt (you save $24).

    When does Loot Crate charge me?

  • Loot Crate charges you at the time of signup and then the same date each month based on the signup date.

    How do I cancel Loot Crate?

  • You can cancel your subscriptions online in your "My Account' section in the top right corner of the website.

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Same issue here. I ordered my first box in May. It was supposed to arrive between June 5-25. I emailed them on June 29th asking about it. They apologized saying there were issues in the warehouse but it would arrive by the end of July (a month late). A few days later, my account on their website updated to say the box would ship between August 1-15 (now two months late). I just went ahead and cancelled the subscription and opened a dispute with my credit card because they wouldn't respond to my emails asking for a refund. Definitely don't waste your money here. I'm actually shocked to see MySubscriptionAddiction listing them; knowing what scam they are.
on 7/6/2019
Don't waste your money on this subscription box!! I prepaid for 2 crates before Christmas, the Spring crate was supposed to be shipped out in March and STILL has yet to be sent out (they just keep pushing out the shipping date further and further - it's now supposed to be between June 15th - 27th) , and all i get from customer service is a form letter apologizing for the "delays" and repeatedly saying that they're "on it - you can count on us". I finally got frustrated, cussed them out, and DEMANDED that they have a supervisor email me ASAP. At this point, I just want my money back and to warn other potential customers before they make the same mistake I did.
on 6/24/2019
20190612 165001
Paid for a box for Christmas for my child, 6 months later still no box. They sent 2 emails about how things were delayed, but then stopped emailing me and stopped responding to emails. Had to file a chargeback with my bank to get my money back. RUN!
on 6/13/2019
No Photo
Scam!! Don't subscribe. Not only will they never ship your product that you've paid for, they won't refund you. Absolute nightmare with customer service. Pre-paid for a one year subscription and four months later haven't received even the first box. No communication from the business. Scam!!
on 6/5/2019
No Photo
Still waiting on my First box from March!😱😱😱
on 5/25/2019
No Photo
Don’t order this crate!! I prepaid for an annual subscription but delays for the spring box (March) have led to NO BOX as of yet (end of May) I did email Loot Crate’s customer service two separate times but they just disregard my requests for cancellation and refund. I feel robbed. I never write reviews but thought I would save you the aggravation.
on 5/24/2019
I signed up for loot crate dx during black Friday . All of the crates have been delayed either one month or two. I did get an item that was damaged. I know it wasn't shipping due to the box being in perfect condition. They did send me a replacement. Other than the delays over all has been great so far. I recieved my April crate today which is the Showdown theme.
on 5/22/2019
I ordered the April 2019 crate in March. When it was supposed to ship, I got an email saying there was a delay and it wouldn’t ship until May. I thought fine, things happen. They didn’t give any explanation as to the delay, but I gave the company the benefit of the doubt. Then on the day it was supposed to ship, I got another email saying it was delayed again, still with no explanation. Then when that date came around, it got delayed a third time. Still no reason given. So I went and cancelled my subscription. I had paid for April and May, but was not going to pay any further. I also sent an email in asking for an explanation. I received no response. Then, when my May crate was supposed to ship, I got another delay email saying it wouldn’t ship until mid-late June, with, guess what, no explanation. So I finally reached out through their chat service on their website and after speaking with two agents, finally got a refund for the May crate but was unable to get one for the April one as it was in the “shipping queue”... still not shipped, but for some reason couldn’t be cancelled. So I still have no idea if/when I’ll ever receive the April crate, now that it’s approaching June. tl;dr: Don’t order this crate. You likely won’t ever receive it and no one will tell you why.
on 5/22/2019
liked it the first year i got it for my BF. it was a reasonable price to get the graphic tees. it auto renewed for way more money than i wanted to spend but i couldn't cancel it or even just prorate a refund. so i said whatever and just let them keep coming and made sure to turn of the renew option. past 4 crates were missing underwear and ive never head back from customer service. and they always come so late. at one point i was missing 3 crates. what a friggin nightmare
on 5/20/2019
All I can say is that don't waste your time, it seems like they can never get the product to ship on time. They manager has the audacity to call it a unforeseeable reason. Nothing is unforeseeable about a product that is suppose to ship by a certain date. Honestly I hope people wise up and start dropping them. The only way a bad business will learn!
on 4/15/2019