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Each Lip Monthly bag includes 3-4 full size lip products and 1 full sized beauty surprise. Starting October 2016, Lip Monthly is also customizable and allows subscribers to customize at least two products in each shipment. Ships to the US, Canada, Spain, Australia and UK.

Shipping: Free in the US, additional charge for international

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I wish I could trust lip monthly again. I love lip products! But when I tried lip monthly a few years ago they billed me 2 weeks early and when I went to cancel and request my money back they refused. Finally after weeks of horrible customer service, and them telling me they couldn't refund me, they finally did. But not my full payment. They only refunded me whatever it was in American, and kept the rest. So basically they got $5 or so from me for absolutely nothing in return. In my experience this company is sketch and shoukd be shut down for literally stealing from customers. And that is a company I just can't support.
on 4/13/2018
Cmon Lip Monthly, you can do it better then this. I'm just kidding. Love these awesome lip products. I hope this is gonna last forever, each month is better then the last
on 4/12/2018
Useful and beautiful products. My number 1 choice each time I'm going out ;)
on 4/12/2018
Sasha 1
I love this months bag, they have all my favorite shades and colors. The good thing is you get full size products for only $12.95, so it's really worth the money. Some of the lip products I give to my friends as a gift.
on 3/11/2018
Lena 1
The last couple months have been awesome. I'm very pleased with the product. I am subscribed to a 6 month plan and I got big discount. :)
on 3/11/2018
Loving this subscription. I only have one suggestion to people who are subscribing for a first month. Your package might be delayed for a week. Keep that in mind. First month of my subscription the package was delayed. After that, everything was good. I have 6 friends subscribed and they all had the same problem for some reason. Beside this, everything is fantastic.
on 3/7/2018
Lip Monthly has been a perfect choice for a last year. I'm still subscribed and I'm looking forward receiving some new products next month. :)
on 3/7/2018
All things considered, shipping time, customer service and most of all products, this is pretty good bargain for $12. I must say I've been impressed.
on 3/5/2018
I don't have anything specific to say except I have been very pleased with this Subscription. Good to go. :)
on 3/5/2018
This subscription is good! I had some issues regarding payment, some of the products were delivered on time but the payment system was not working correctly, luckily they fixed it fast. Their customer service is really cool and I like their approach. Overall nice subscription to subscribe to. All the best.
on 3/4/2018