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LeilaBox is a jewelry rental box that sends you three pieces of quality, boutique-style fashion jewelry with a total retail value of $150-250. You get to wear and enjoy it as long as you like, and whenever you're ready for a refresh you put it back in the box and drop it in the mailbox, and three new pieces are on their way to you within a few days. If you want to purchase any piece in your box you can buy it at a discounted member's-only price, which is on the price list in the box, by sending the box back without the piece you're buying. We simply charge your credit card on file got the piece you kept. Shipping is always free anywhere in the US! You get charged just $22/ month whether you keep the box a week or a month, so you could get 2-3 boxes a month, or keep it longer if you're loving the look. You can fill out a style profile, or let us surprise you and take the opportunity to try out styles you wouldn't normally spend money on - it's the ultimate try-and-buy!

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