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"Lavish is a subscription service that sends you a fresh fun box of cruelty-free and vegan friendly bath products tailored to a specific fun theme every single month. Each Lavish Bath Box will contain 5-7 products (not samples) to give you the ultimate bathing experience with a variety of brands from well known to more local artisans and boutiques. What is in the box? Bath Bombs, bubble bars, salts, soaps, soaks, scrubs, and more along with accessories needed for the perfect most lavish bath.”

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One of my favorite boxes! Love the curation!
on 5/17/2019
20181209 112239
Truly this box is better than lush, hands down! Has an adorable on point theme every month, with their items being vegan and all handmade by little companies. You can tell the quality of the items as soon as you open the box. It is packed with care, and even the shipping is fast! I do t indulge in may things. but this box is a must have! Highly, highly recommend!
on 12/21/2018
Img 537683
I adore this box! Lavish sends out the perfect box for my Lush addiction without the lush price.
on 6/22/2017
so much attention to detail and product quality goes into every single Lavish Bath Box! Full size products in every box and all of them are beautiful! This box is seriously worth every single penny spent! It's also amazing that you can not only subscribe yourself but, you can send boxes as a gift! I absolutely love Lavish Bath Box!!!!!
on 5/12/2017
2016 12 13 151126 2178018
OMG I just signed up April 2017 I am so in love just what the doctor ordered for much needed R&R. I love how my consultant personalized my box for me and her name was Jeni and mine is Jenn alittle added personal touch if you ask me :). I loved everything about this box. Well worth the price 6 full size products, smells amazing leaves your skin refreshed and you feeling renewed. I recommend LAVISH!!!! VERY HAPPY!!!!
on 4/28/2017
OMG I love this box so much!!! My husband got a 6 month subscription for me on Christmas and I already told him this is what I want for mothers day! Everything smells so good and the box's have theams every month. I can wait to try my candy apple bath bomb I just got in my January box!
on 1/25/2017