Honest Diapers Bundle

Honest Diapers Bundle


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The Honest Company's Diaper Bundles include a one-month supply of their sustainable, fragrance-free, super absorbent diapers and plant-based wipes. As a subscriber, you save 35% over retail with the bundle price, plus you get early access to pick new cute designs each month.

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    How much do Honest Diapers cost?

  • If you subscribe to a Diaper Bundle, each bundle is $79.99 plus tax, and includes 6 packs of diapers plus 4 packs of wipes. If you don't subscribe, diapers are $13.95 per pack.

    How many diapers are in Honest Company packs?

  • Like most diaper brands, the smallest sized packs have the most diapers, and there are fewer per pack as the diaper size goes up. Newborn: 40, Size 1: 44, Size 2: 40, Size 3: 34, Size 4: 29, Size 5: 25, Size 6: 22.

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Plumeria maui hawaii
I really love these diapers and wipes, they are made with better ingredients and love the whole concept of the Honest Company. They are a bit on the pricey side, so I on'y buy a huge bundle when they have sales. Highly recommend their sales!!
on 9/21/2018
Love these diapers!!! They are so cute, but a little pricey. I'll switch back to pampers until they have another 50% off deal. Highly recommended if you have the chance to try them.
on 3/31/2015