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Hello Fresh is a healthy gourmet food subscription service. Every week, they send you all the ingredients and recipes you need to make 3 meals for either 2 or 4 people.

Hello Fresh offers 3 types of meal kit plans to choose from. With the Classic Plan ($9.99 per meal), you choose recipes from the weekly Hello Fresh menu. They also offer a Vegetarian Plan ($9.99 per meal) of meat-free meals, and a Family Plan ($8.74 per meal) designed to satisfy picky eaters.

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    What is Hello Fresh & how does it work?

  • Hello Fresh is a popular meal kit subscription box that sends you the quality, pre-portioned ingredients and recipe instructions to make fast, delicious home-cooked meals for you or your family.

    Start by picking a plan that fits your preferences. (How many meals would you like each week? Are you feeding two people or four? Any vegetarians or meat-eaters?) Set up a schedule that fits your needs, and pick the recipes that look tastiest to you (or let Hello Fresh pick for you).

    Each chilled Hello Fresh box comes packed with pre-portioned ingredients and easy-to-follow recipe instructions. The ingredients come bundled by recipe and are usually good to go for about a week—just stash them in the fridge until you’re ready to cook! Most Hello Fresh recipes we’ve tried take around 30 minutes to prepare and are easy enough that even newbie cooks can complete them with confidence. But that doesn’t mean they’re basic! These dishes are tasty twists on classic flavors featuring fun, unexpected ingredients.

    What kinds of recipes are on the Hello Fresh menu?

  • Hello Fresh recipes put a fun spin on classic, familiar flavors. If you’re someone who tends to get stuck in a recipe rut, these dishes are a great way to wake up your routine. But don’t worry, picky eaters—the flavors and foods aren’t too adventurous. We like to say that Hello Fresh recipes remind us of dishes you’d see at a family-friendly neighborhood bistro. Maybe you’ll encounter an ingredient you’ve never tried before, but in a yummy, approachable way!

    Some of Hello Fresh’s most popular recipes include:

    Did you notice all of the healthy veggies in each of these recipes? We love how Hello Fresh makes sure we’re eating our vegetables (in the most delicious ways)!

    Does Hello Fresh have vegetarian or vegan options?

  • Yes! Vegetarian and fans of plant-based eating can choose the Hello Fresh Veggie Plan to get meat-free recipes that are still delicious, filling, and fun to eat.

    Hello Fresh doesn’t offer vegan plans, currently, though some Veggie Plan recipes can be made vegan by skipping the dairy or swapping it with a non-dairy replacement from your own kitchen. (We’ve found that some Veggie Plan dishes do use cheese or cream as a primary component.)

    Does Hello Fresh offer plans for families?

  • Yes! Hello Fresh has a Family Plan for families of four (starting at $62.92 per week + free shipping). It’s a great way to introduce your family to fun new dishes, flavors, and ingredients.

    Is Hello Fresh gluten-free?

  • If you’re looking to limit gluten in your diet, there are some Hello Fresh meals that are low on gluten. However, it’s important to note that Hello Fresh isn’t certified gluten-free—if you have serious allergies or sensitivities, check out some of these other meal kits!

    Does Hello Fresh offer meals for low-carb, Whole30, keto, or other special diets?

  • While some of the recipes you’ll get with Hello Fresh are low-carb, gluten-free, nut-free, or dairy-free, the options for special diets are limited. If you’re looking for meal kits made specifically with special diets in mind, check out these options!

    What is Hello Fresh wine?

  • Hello Fresh offers a wine subscription ($89 per month) that cleverly complements its weekly meal kits. Choose to get all whites, all reds, or a mix of both, and you’ll get a shipment of six 750ml bottles to try each month. Enjoy these wines on your own schedule, or turn to the tasting notes that come with each box to learn which upcoming Hello Fresh recipes work best with each bottle!

    How much does Hello Fresh cost?

  • Here is the pricing breakdown for all the different Hello Fresh plans:

    Classic Plans (meat & vegetarian recipes):

    • 2 meals per week, 2 servings each, for $39.96 + $7.99 shipping
    • 3 meals per week, 2 servings each, for $59.94 + FREE shipping
    • 4 meals per week, 2 servings each, for $79.92 + FREE shipping
    • 3 meals per week, 4 servings each, for $119.88 + FREE shipping

    Veggie Plans (vegetarian recipes only):

    • 3 meals per week, 2 servings each, for $59.94 + FREE shipping
    • 3 meals per week, 4 servings each, for $119.98 + FREE shipping

    4 Person Family Plans:

    • 2 meals per week, 4 servings each, for $62.92 + FREE shipping
    • 3 meals per week, 4 servings each, for $104.88 + FREE shipping

    Is there a coupon or discount code for Hello Fresh?

  • Yes! For a limited time, you can use this link to save $60 off your first three Hello Fresh orders! (That’s $20 off each box.) Sign up now!

    Is Hello Fresh worth it?

  • While we can’t say it’s less expensive than shopping at your local grocery store, there are some things that make Hello Fresh worth a try:

    The time savings! Meal planning and prep can take time and brain-space that not everyone can afford. Meal kits like Hello Fresh take the guesswork out of making home cooking happen.

    Less wasted food! With Hello Fresh, you only get as much of an ingredient as you need for the recipe. That means you can try new, exciting recipes without worrying about how to use up extra, unfamiliar ingredients you now have lingering around your kitchen/fridge. Just make sure you leave room for your Hello Fresh meals in your schedule. (The worst feeling is forgetting you scheduled Hello Fresh for a week when you won’t be home to cook, or have other dinner plans.) The recipes usually take around 30 minutes to make, so finding time to cook should be easy!

    They make great leftovers! There have been plenty of times when a Hello Fresh recipe has yielded enough leftovers for us to enjoy the next day. In fact, if you’re only cooking for yourself, the two-person, two-recipe-per-week plan could easily see you through almost a week’s worth of dinners!

    You’re getting cooking lessons, too! A few of our reviewers, who would describe themselves as less-experienced in the kitchen, were wowed by the cooking confidence they gained via meal kits. These boxes help newbie cooks learn techniques and simple recipes in a hands-on way. (We love meal kits for new grads, tweens and teens interested in food, and anyone looking to get more comfortable and independent in the kitchen!)

    The food is AWESOME! We consistently enjoy the meals we make with Hello Fresh. Everything is super flavorful, nicely balanced, and legitimately fun to eat! If you’re used to eating out or grabbing takeout night after night, your taste buds won’t be disappointed by Hello Fresh. These dishes offer local-bistro-style flavor minus the high restaurant prices.


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Every week has been another negative experience resulting in further distaste for meal delivery service. My first week I experienced order inaccuracies in which 2 of my 3 meals were not what I ordered. My second week resulted in a food safety issue in which a package of meat appeared to be sliced open and the juices had contaminated the entire contents of my box. After numerous issues with customer service, who seems quick to just let me go as a customer, Joe Oakley made an attempt at retaining my business. Week 3 I experienced more issues, credits that I was offered were not showing on my account, the agent I was discussing the matter with was argumentative rather than effective at resolving my issue, resulting in me having to reach out to Joe to get matters resolved. Finally thinking we had things figured out and everything resolved I was going to give HelloFresh until week 5 while using up my credits to see if things could turn around....Unfortunately come the cutoff for my week 4 delivery, I get a notice that my payment failed; This week was supposed to be taken out of my credit, as I was to be taken off the promo offer and the remainder applied as a credit to my account. The credits were to apply to week 4 and week 5 as well as having 1 more week of the premium upgrade courtesy of Joe. Rather than using my credits as I was informed, I received notice while I was at work that my payment had failed....Because I was not able to resolve this until after work (past the cutoff time) I have been informed that I would not be receiving my box. After having an issue related to my order 4 weeks in a row I have decided to discontinue use of HelloFresh and share my experience with friends, family, and social networks. The experience I have had has left an awful taste in my mouth and your customer service team is quick to hand out a refund and lose customers rather than addressing the problem and creating a positive experience. This was my first, and as a result likely my last meal delivery experience.
on 10/6/2019
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We recently tried HelloFresh after receiving a coupon. First meal we cooked was fabulous. Unfortunately the ingredients for the chicken dish were off, veges were rotten and the chicken was still in date but spoiled. The third dish was ok; however, when we went to cancel the following weeks box, we were told that we’d missed the cut off date for cancellation and if we didn’t pay (they have our card details) they’d refer to a debt collector!!! Really! For what, $65? No apology, no refund for the un-usable meal, no replacement, only threats!!! Hello fresh really need to look into their customer service skills. Won’t be recommending.
on 3/31/2019
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I love hello fresh and recommend it to everyone thinking of subscribing to a meal kit service. I do the vegetarian box. The meals are always delicious and creative, and the ingredients are fresh. It really helps me to try new things. Sometimes I get a meal that I'm not super excited about-but then it ends up being my favorite one! I frequently repeat recipes on my own by buying the ingredients myself. It is super easy to skip boxes. I also like that they give you tons of coupons, so you can give free boxes to your friends. It seems like others aren't as satisfied with the meat in their boxes, and I can't speak to that. But the vegetarian boxes get five stars from me!
on 3/5/2019
Img 20170804 173314887
Amendment to my review, the company refused to offer any refund of any kind for the spoiled food I received. I was offered money off of future orders, which I will not be using. Why would I keep buying spoiled food?
on 2/28/2019
Img 20170804 173314887
I just received a meal with spoiled chicken again. I've only ever gotten 2 boxes from this company. The chicken was bad both times. Used live chat option to get a partial refund both times. Veggies did not seem particularly fresh either but at least were not spoiled. Maybe not call this company Hello Fresh. Just saying.
on 2/28/2019
No. Just no. I've been trying this food subscription for 3 months now and am so disappointed. The meat isn't the greatest quality, example being that the cod I got in one meal and the steak from one of their "premium, add $10" meals just had a terrible texture. No, I didn't cook it incorrectly. I've worked in the restaurant business for over a decade before becoming a stay at home mother, I know how to cook fish and steak with out ruining it. But for as much as you're paying per meal, the meat cuts dang well be better than these. The next problem is hard to describe. It's like they were trying too hard to create something new rather than sticking with something that is known to work. This often times left sauces and seasoning in combinations that were not palatable. Most of the time the "sauce" was just a poor excuse for a broth or gravy. I found myself skipping more weeks than I wasn't. I would find interest in 1 meal choice, but Hello Freah requires you purchase 3 meals for the week resulting in me skipping the week. After skipping my 5th week in a row, I canceled. Canceling was NOT as easy as you're lead to believe either. I tried to just use the mobile app, like the cancelation policy says I can do, but it wouldn't let me continue with the cancellation. I eventually had to check the part saying something along the lines of, "having troubles with delivery have customer service call me." That's how I finally got someone to cancel the box. Super frustrating. Don't waste your money. Checkout Home Chef instead. Higher quality of food, recipes are better, and I can pick just one meal, all the meals, or skip for the week. I'll admit that I was running both boxes at the same time hoping for a good variety, I still ended up ordering 6 meals with Home Chef per week and skipping the week with Hello Freah.
on 4/16/2017
Hello fellow foodies, I've been using HelloFresh for a while now, and I am continuously amazed at how simple their meals are to prepare and how *fresh and delicious* all of their ingredients are! Their packaging is a dream and their delivery is reliable. This is such a time save I don't know what I'd do w/o their amazing service! I used code 86F7PB to sign up and even got $40 off my first box! This code never expires, so you can take advantage of the savings as well! =] Cheers!
on 12/16/2016
Joanne hair color 10 27 16
I've Tried Blue Apron and Hello Fresh. I prefer Hello Fresh because the meals are boxed together, with the protein separate. I can go to the refrigerator and pull out the meal. BA had all the items in a box, clear bag and I had to go through and figure out what ingredient was for which recipe. Also, BA is eclectic. If you want to try new and different ingredients, go with BA. Hello Fresh is more typical meals, meals that I recreate. It also teaches me how to cook, learning certain techniques such as roasting, cutting vegetables a certain way and handling meat. You can choose 3 or 5 meals a week and you can choose 2 people or a family of 4. I've done the family meals and now I do the meals for 2 people 3x a week.
on 9/28/2016
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We have now received and prepared three weeks' worth of food from Hello Fresh's Classic box. The ingredients are absolute prime quality. You'd be hard pressed to find better quality meats and produce at your local market. They send absolutely everything you'll need to prepare your meals, except for basics which any kitchen should have - salt, pepper, olive oil and water. And I have found them to be extremely generous with leafy greens, to the point that I've had enough leftovers from one meal to prepare a side salad for another meal. My husband and I are participating in a weight loss challenge, so this seemed like the perfect way to get our portion sizes under control. Most of the meals come in at around 450 - 600 calories. We've had one notable exception, the Juicy Lucy Burger which topped out at nearly 800 calories, but was so delicious it was worth it. Initially, I was concerned that the portions would be too small for people whose eating was out of control, but they're really quite generous. A couple of times, I haven't been able to finish my portion, and one day there were enough accumulated leftovers from everyone that I was able to pack a lunch sized portion to take to work the next day. The only complaint I have is with the estimated preparation times listed on their recipes. You'd have to be an experienced cook to be able to pull off some of those times. Depending on the complexity of the recipe, I'd allow anywhere from 10 - 30 minutes more than the time allotted on the recipe cards.
on 4/18/2016
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I love the food and customer service on this box. My only frustration is the lack of flexibility. You can only select up to 3 meals per week out of 5. Home Chef offers a lot more flexibility with up to 7 meals and an easy switch in number of portions and an easy to use app, but the food quality isn't nearly as good as Hello Fresh.
on 7/20/2015