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Finally, a box for mature women! Ginkgo & Grace is a subscription/ gift box of luxury skin care and beauty products curated specifically for the needs of older women. Carefully selected by the founder, a mature woman herself, every box features a selection of high-quality products made with natural ingredients, sized "just right" to offer a reasonable experience with each product. You will discover brands committed to the conservation of our planet and products to love...presented in an elegant, reusable gift box. Gingko & Grace delivers every other month, with an occasional "special edition" box offered in the months between. Treat yourself or someone special with a box or subscription from Ginkgo & Grace.

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I loved my box! The products were perfectly sized so it was just right to knowing how they'd work with my temperamental skin. I'd always thought about splurging on a silk pillowcase and totally loved the one included -- I'll never go back to a regular one! The box was curated so thoughtfully and I loved the note included with a little more information about each of the products. Can't wait for the next box!
on 5/1/2019
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What a lovely box! Each item was perfect for my skin. The Naked makeup remover is the best on the market, and leaves my skin soft all night. Kelia is luxury with benefits! Makes my skin look younger. The cuticle cream is so effective, I usually put it all over the backs of my hands. I'm now a convert to silk pillowcases. I give Ginko and Grace 5 stars. Each item is from a company that is environmentally responsible. Can't wait for the next box!
on 4/24/2019