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"When you sign up for our signature crate, you will receive a box of carefully curated, high end greeting cards and paper goods delivered right to your doorstep. No more running to the super market to buy greeting cards. No more giving the same card that everyone else is giving. It's time to stand out and wow your friends and be unique."

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Just received my first box and the packaging is lovely and the cards are just my style. If the style and variety of the cards continue in the same fashion as my first box, I will probably stop making my own cards and use these instead. They are quirky and original and don't have the "May you" type of messages. In fact, my favorite card from this box was the "Enjoy this stupid card".....hilarious. If you have friends and relatives like I do, the sarcasm and originality scores a lot of points. Thanks for a great first box!
on 6/1/2016