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FabFitFun is a quarterly subscription service that sends you the latest in beauty and fashion, fitness, and wellness every season. The box is curated by Guilana Rancic and the FabFitFun team, and each season is guaranteed to have $120+ worth of full sized product!

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I received my box earlier than I expected. I was alerted to the withdrawal from my account prior. I love every item in my Fall box. I actually was given the opportunity to select what I wanted. They honored my wishes. Fav item is the Grown Alchemist Polishing face cleanser. What a great box !!! Happy customer.
on 9/17/2018
I really like the add on feature. You get products for a very good price. Overall I'm Super satisfied with this box. The only negative is the way they pack up the add ons. I got 2 rounds of spilled products. The customer service was able to do replacement but it took awhile.
on 8/2/2018
I was disappointed that I missed the Spring box, but any disappointment quickly went away because of how much I loved the Spring Editor's box. I am so happy with everything I received, but the Tarte palette and the facial peel were the highlights of the box.
on 4/25/2018
So disappointed in this box. After months of having them target me with ads everywhere I look, I decided to try it month to month. But then I saw that only annual subscribers could customize. So, against my better judgment, I signed up for the annual and made all of my customization requests for my first Editor's box. I was assured that all products were available. Well, it arrived today and none of my customization requests were honored. So now I have items that I don't want and won't use. That's fine for the non-customizable items; but if choice was promised, it should be provided. Very poor fulfillment and customer service. Hoping to get a refund or other fix.
on 4/21/2018
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Getting very fed up with customer service at fab fit fun. They respond to emails prompltly however, they have taken much longer than promised to ship items, send emails stating I was given something that I never received, not given sponsored items with the excuse being “shipping” which was not explained and does not make any sense. I have contacted them regarding each concern and each time they have failed to rectify the issue or provide any compensation.
on 4/20/2018
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The spring 2018 box was my first regular seasonal box after receiving the editor box over the winter. I love the idea of this subscription and was so excited to receive it, but was pretty disappointed with the contents. In my opinion it’s not worth it unless you upgrade to a select membership. For the items where there are several color options, it’s the only way you can have the opportunity to choose what you want. Otherwise they “randomly” select for you- which I think means they send you the least popular colors. I received the pink tassel earings and the teal/pink clutch, both of which I’ll NEVER EVER wear and will likely give to my niece. I like some of the other products but so disappointed with the clutch and jewelry that I canceled.
on 4/5/2018
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This is one of my 4 favorite boxes filled with an assortment of treasures! I enjoy option of add-ons at reduced prices, a n option to purchase a mystery box and allows me to personalize my box by giving me a choice of different items. This is one of my 4 best subscription boxes!
on 3/27/2018
This is my second box my first was the editors box which I got for $19.99 then the spring box and I am HOOKED for the price you can't beat this subscription box I get to try new products that I would have never tried I have not had any problems thank goodness I would highly recommend it
on 3/14/2018
I love love love this box. I have to admit I liked the Winter and Editors box a little better but that is just because there are more products I would use on a regular basis but it is still a great value. If you don't like something swap it or gift it but there is no way not to get your moneys worth out of this box. I love the candle and the massager. I am not really fond of the color on my Rachel Paley clutch but then I am not a clutch person so I am using it for a make up bag anyway. Sure I could pay by the year and have chosen my color but I want to get a few boxes before I make a one year commitment. I have tried ipsy and to be honest I would rather pay the $49 and get full size products four times a year as pay $10 a month for samples, most of which I end up throwing away. I wish more boxes were like this. I have heard some folks have customer service issues but they have been very responsive to me.
on 3/13/2018
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Spring 2018 was my first full box (I did get a "starter" box a couple of years ago and wasn't really impressed) but I am LOVING pretty much everything in this box. The lip palette is GREAT; and that was the thing I was not too excited for. The colors are great and wearable and it lasts pretty good. It's easy to take along for touch ups. The clutch feels very high quality and is super cute. I haven't taken off the bracelet; it's adorable. The Korres lotion is super yummy smelling and feels great on the skin. The polish is acting as a great base coat; time will tell how much of a "treatment" it is for the skin. I haven't tried the eye mask but it's way cute. The Murad moisturizer feels great on the face; i'm going to use it daily to see if it improves my skin but as a basic moisturizer it feels awesome. The massage roller is great too and the candle is awesome for a spa night.. All in all a great box for the money IMO; it's things that I probably wouldn't have purchased on my own (at full retail value anyway) but are very nice to have! I will use everything and am grateful to be able to try new things!
on 3/13/2018