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EsianMall was founded in 2015 in Manhattan, New York at Columbia University. We bring the best Asian products to the U.S! The one of a kind place for all your favorite products from Asian: "Snacks, Skin Care, Makeup, and Cosmetics products" without the hassle of waiting for overseas shipping. We also have our own Asian Snacks & Korean-Beauty Monthly Subscription Boxes - EsianBox. Our Asian SnackBox satisfies your senses of adventure and Candy Subscription Boxes mouth-watering taste buds! For each box, we aim to bring you just what your heart desires!

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I ordered 3 boxes which were received January, February, and March 2017. I like the East Asian theme and that it's not necessarily restricted to Japan. I've enjoyed a few products that I received from places like Korea. I ordered the largest size, which includes a product of non-edible merchandise. The first was a Zelda wallet, which was nice. The second was a women's DC scarf featuring Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. The third was a pair of socks themed Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. I have to admit, I was disappointed the deluxe merchandise is generalized to include western fandoms. I personally don't typically enjoy western fandoms much, so unless you do, I wouldn't recommend getting the deluxe size.
on 3/11/2017
I am so happy I found this box! My favorite snack box that I've ever subscribed too!
on 9/3/2016
Large %2842%29
My son loved them, I will definitely be ordering again!!
on 7/17/2016
Large %2841%29
All of the snacks were fresh and really cute, will order again soon
on 7/17/2016
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My gf loved it
on 7/17/2016
Large %2840%29
love everything in the box
on 7/17/2016
Large %2839%29
pretty good
on 7/17/2016
Large %2838%29
very good snacks,I'll change my box to deluxe one haha
on 7/17/2016
It's worth the price! Trust me, the quality of the snacks are great. Can't wait to try them all!
on 7/7/2016
I haven't try all snacks but so far I like them.
on 7/7/2016