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Elizabeth & Clarke is a women’s clothing subscription box for sizes 00 to 18 – and they specialize in just shirts and tops! They make all their styles in-house, and only do a limited amount of new designs each season. You get to preview the new tops and pick your favorites, or let Elizabeth & Clarke pick for you. (There are usually 3 new tops, and a few classic styles they have available every season). Almost every style features Elizabeth & Clarke‘s Unstainable® technology! 1 shirt per season is $60, 2 shirts are $50 each (total $100), and 3 shirts per season are $40 each (total $120). All domestic shipping within the United States (both outbound and return) is free. There is a $15 surcharge for shipping to Canada and a $25 surcharge for shipping to any other country outside of the US or Canada.

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I used to love this subscription - items are generally my style and have good fit. They've had a few quality issues recently where the shirts I received were defective (faulty zippers, clasps, stitching). Their return policy only allowed for exchange or merchandise credit, which I thought was pretty poor customer service for clothing that's in a relatively premium price range. For the most recent box, I decided I didn't love the items, but they apparently only let you skip for store credit once they charge your card. For that reason, I give this a 0 for ease of cancellation.
on 9/25/2019
Great quality shirts. I currently own their white t-shirt from the Unstainable collection. Best white t-shirt EVER. They have great customer representatives and service. However, they take foreverrrrrrrr to ship. Still haven't gotten shipping notification for the summer box when it's already the 19th. Shipping date was June 1st.
on 6/20/2016
20140213 155304
I like how you can choose from the tops that will be shipping and you know exactly what you are getting. I'll update when I receive my first box in September....so long to wait!!!
on 7/16/2014
I tried this one. I ordered the three shirts. I wasn't happy with the quality of them. The shirts were that thin rayon/chiffon material. I had to email to return them & cancel several times. They wound up charging me for the next season as well, and I had to call again for my refund. The woman was very polite, but it took several communications to get my money refunded.
on 5/24/2014