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Every month, you’ll receive a box of products that cater to an outdoor lifestyle. Cairn works hard to curate products that recreational enthusiasts will love. Sample categories that may be included in box: Gear, Apparel, Food/Energy, Skincare, Emergency/Medical

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First box... not going to lie I had really high expectations for this subscription box- maybe too high? I have seen photos of previous boxes and it seems like they are 'hit or miss' for me this was a miss. I filled out my preferences with camping as a primary interest and biking secondary. I see from the products I received they must have focused on the biking, so I will be adjusting my preferences. (I'm not a biking manic that needs fancy gels or sunscreen) I'm hoping next month will be a more fun selection :) The box included: Point6 Ultralight 3/4 Crew Sock 2skin Anti-Chafing Gel Surface Dry Touch Sunscreen Run Gum Sampler Pack
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on 8/5/2016
Love this one. Have never been disappointed. Have been getting boxes for about 6 months an they are always a treat


on 12/27/2015
Got first box today. Pretty disappointing. The value seems inflated and the cup they included was pointless. What is the reason of filling out a profile if they aren't going to pay attention to it? My boyfriend and I are hikers and a cup without a lid is rediculous on a hiking trail. He really wanted a box for himself and wanted to like this one. We will see what happens next month but if it doesn't improve ALOT we're done. You would think on a first box they would want to wow you to keep you hooked.
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Kathi konrad

on 4/20/2015