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Spoiler Alert! BoxyCharm August 2018 Spoiler Update!

Boxycharm sends out established, indie and up and coming beauty brands. Every month they send you 5-6 beauty items that will include nail care, skin care, makeup, haircare, fragrance and more. (At least 4 of those items will be full-sized).

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Im loving Boxycharm, im new to Boxycharm. I signed up in January 2018 to start a new year so i can built my collection. I really believe that Boxycharm should start thinking of making their boxes a little larger since theyre starting to add fabulous items and large items. Theyre having a hard time about the Bum Bum cream because it doesnt fit in their signature box. I really would love to get that cream and not the lip product from Sol de Janiro. Plus a pallet, the lashes, brushes and colourpop lip product. They have to squeeze everything in that small box and thats why sometimes things arrive damage. Hopefully our eyelashes dont come all mushed up. Lol. Cant wait.....yeah!!!! I love Boxycharm
on 5/23/2018
I've had BoxyCharm for around a year now and I love it. I don't think I've gotten a box I didn't like. You get 5 full sized items with a packet discribbing each product and value of item. BoxyCharm is the BEST subscription box I've came across. I do love and recommend it.
on 4/29/2018
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This is one of my 4 favorite subscription boxes! I normally can use all the products. The brands are really good, the products are full-sized--great value for your money!
on 3/27/2018
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I love Boxycharm, my sister got me into last month, and really I'm loving everything in last month's box. I wouldn't leave this for nothing. Where else can you get great make-up for such a cheap price? And I hope that in this month's box I get the mascara please and the extra brushes, cause a girl just can't have to many brushes!!! So I'm keeping my fingers crossed, I loved last month's brushes, so I can't wait until my box gets here!!! So EXCITED!!!! Just praying I get the brush set plus the mascara!! Oh please please let me get lucky just 1 time. But Boxycharm, I love it!!!! So glad I joined last month!!! Thanks A Bunch Laura Story
on 3/6/2018
I absolutely love Boxycharm. It is well worth the $21 a month. They always send great products and their customer service is great. My 2nd box i recieved from them one of the eyeshadows in the pallet was broken and i was so sad. However all i had to do us send them a picture of the broken product with the black boxycharm box it came in with my name and address showing in the picture. They sent me a while new pallet and an apology free of charge. I recieved the replace ment before my next months box came in. I absolutely love them and recommended them to everyone. If you love makeup then this is a great box. Boxycharm is my favorite box i get and i dont think i will ever part with it.
on 3/1/2018
I love Boxycharm! They have a waitlist when you sign up, which averages 2-4 weeks. Some wait longer, some less, but they do work to get you off the list quickly. The box itself isn't curated for each subscriber like some other boxes, but they include a really impressive array of items that anyone can use and will be flattering to any skin tone and age. February was my second box and I am always so impressed with what is sent! Regardless if I initially like an item or not, I always give it a try, because you never know. So far, each box has hit home. I know there will be months I won't be as impressed, but the value is outstanding and totally worth it. I cannot think of any negatives about Boxycharm, as you can tell they work to make an amazing box every month with all sorts of brands. Some of the brands that have been in the boxes have been a great combination of middle of the road to high end to niche and smaller brands, including: Pur Cosmetics, Dr. Brandt Skincare, Crown Pro, Girlactik, It Cosmetics, CoverFX, Bellapierre, Ofra, Makeup Geek, Vintage by Jessika Liebskind, Pretty Vulgar, tarte, Luxie, Winkylux and so many more. Boxy is a great value for what you're paying each month and it is worth it each and every month and never fails to impress!
on 2/22/2018
Boxycharm is an AMAZING monthly subscription box! 4-5 full priced products for $21 if you pay monthly (other billing options are available to lower the price to around $19/mo). The products usually include one high end brand name product and a few other indie brands. I like the diversity so I can try new beauty products as I grow my make-up collection. Definitely a great value since most boxes have a retail value over $100. Some of the products lines I received have been from Tarte, Dr. Brandt, Becca, It Cosmetics, Ofra, PÜR, CoverFx, Pretty Vulgar, Luxie. You can also leave reviews of the products received in your box to receive charms to use towards exclusive products. Overally, great box value with a wonderful assortment of products!
on 2/6/2018
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Boxycharm is amazing. I’ve been a subscriber for two years and they never fail to disappoint. I did not renew my Birchbox subscription this year because in my opinion, they cannot compete with Boxycharm.
on 1/19/2018
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I seriously thought Boxycharm was a scam when I first heard about it; I figured that there would be very limited quantities of the big products available and that most people would get semi-decent, but ultimately "$10 subscription box" size/quality products...I was so wrong. BOXYCHARM is amazing, it's my favorite subscription box now, I even cancelled my other 2. I use most of the products I've received weekly if not daily. The products really are high end and a steal at $21/month. The only issue I've had was 2 missing products in my last box, but I contacted customer service and they're sending out replacements. Don't let the initial wait list scare you (I was off in less than 2 months), it is well worth the wait.
on 12/29/2017
Boxycharm is amazing to me. I am always shocked at how great of a deal we get with these boxes. The new LE box is very exciting. Sadly I know not everyone got to purchase one. Is anyone else going to do a giveaway of a box? Products are always high end and in great condition. I almost always get colors thats Love and I haven't really gotten many products that i couldn't use. They are spoiling us with palettes, brushes, high quality brand name make-up. Best subscription service there is in my personal opinion.
on 11/11/2017