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Bonjour Jolie is a time-of-the-month subscription box. In addition to your choice of pads/tampons, each box includes: A Special Gift, Bath and Body Pampering Items, Specialty Teas and Drinks, Artisan Confections, Feminine Wipes, and Advil. The box costs $16 a month and shipping is: $5 to the US, $10 to Canada, $16 Worldwide.

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I just received my first box today. I love getting subscription boxes, but had no idea there existed period boxes! I mean they really are the ultimate monthly box, since ya period comes monthly lol. So cool to have this. It came within a day, so first impressions I am blown away by the shipping. Now onto the box, I love it! It had fantastic snacks, fantastic gifts, and a $17 makeup palette.super high value items and really curated well. I am excited for my next box.
on 4/6/2019
Plumeria maui hawaii
Wanted to do an update review of this box. I have now been getting it for one year. I really like it and think it is a great box. The customer service has been great. handled any issues really fast and were so nice when dealing with them. My packages always arrived on time (except for December, it was a week late but December was crazy insane for shipping and it wasn't Bonjour Jolie's fault on that one) Almost everything in the box I use and love. The themes have been fun and I have never gotten the same item twice (which is a good thing!) The value for you money is good and it really does make getting your period not suck as much. I tell all my friends about them all the time!
on 2/26/2019
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Really love this box! Got my first one last month, great theme and loads of fun stuff, good snacks. This month it came right on time and was even better than last month! I got makeup that costed more than the while box! That alone was worth it I am impressed with the quality of items and care put into it. Can't wait for nexts month's box!
on 2/16/2019
Gbybybas 400x400
Received my box the day before Christmas! Considering I bought it on the 20th, I did not expect to see my first box arrive until well after the New Year. That was some amazing ninja shipping skills! I like my first box, it came with diverse items aimed to please everyone. The bath salt ornament was so cute and the wooden ornament looked like a lot of work went into it. I love helping out small businesses and supporting great causes! The snacks were good, but I was hoping for more chocolate, although I am still very happy with my purchase. Looking forward to January's box, crossing my fingers for more chocolate! LOL
on 12/26/2018
20181209 112239
Honestly,I love my first box! It had a everything I needed to make my period better for the week. Great snack choices and the theme was perfect. I originally was upset that shipping was so slow. However, I take it back entirely. I live in Canada, I assumed this was Canadian company due to the French name. Oops. Nope, its a US company, so ya shipping took about 3 weeks and we also have a shiping strike going on here, so that is why it took so long. Can't wait for my December box now!
on 12/20/2018
Screenshot 20181130 100634 facebook
Really like this box. I have been introduced to really cool items amd new small etsy type companies. Each month is a new theme and for over a year I have never gotten the same item twice. I like the variety, and the curation. Their customer service is great too, always super helpful and fast. They asked if I could leave a review, and I was happy to do it, I love them!
on 12/13/2018
Screenshot 20181130 204219 facebook
Just received my first box yesterday. I was not expecting it to be jammed full! It was heavy about 3 -4 lbs when I grabbed it from my mailbox, almost dropped it as I wasn't expecting a heavy box, lol. I opened it up and every nook and cranny was filled with stuff. I was very surpised. I got a beautiful handmade organic flannel and rice heating pad, that was nice and full and a good size, perfect for cramps! It is reusable, and well made. That alone made the box worth it! Then I got a large soap that looked and smelled exactly like a cinnamon roll. Not one of those fake cinnamon roll candle scents, but a real actual I wanna eat it, cinnamon roll. Totes megoats, it was heavenly. Not done yet, there was more! I got an assortment of tampons I picked out, exactly what I ordered, packed in a disposable bag. Oh ya there's more! There was 2 wipes and 2 midol (lifesavers really) Not done yet. There was a bag of candy too! I got a full size Zero candy bar, some tea, a bunch of Charleston chews, junior mints, cream eyes, tootsie pops (god I love tootsie pops) Thoroughly impressed with this box and I can not wait for December's box now!
on 12/5/2018
Screenshot 20181122 201508 facebook
Can not live without this box! (ok so I can but I'd rather not) As the only woman in a house of 4 boys (1 man and 3 babies lol) I crave feminine items, self care, me time. My husband bought me this box as a gift, and I love it. I feel pampered and taken care of, for at least one or two days. The snacks are awesome, and as if they know me (although I have to hide them from my husband as he loves the snacks too) The self care items are perfect, really things I adore and use.
on 11/27/2018
Screenshot 20181105 071312 facebook
Highly recommend this box. Tried a few other period boxes. Really love this one. From the themes to the unique items, they really bring their A game with this one. This month I got a reusable heating pad which was perfect for my period, seriously I get wicked cramps and this thing is a life saver. Their customer service was great when I needed to change my ship date and tampons choices, very fast and helpful. This and Plated are my top favs!
on 11/24/2018
Plumeria maui hawaii
I adore this box! Been getting it for a few months, and it is a lot of fun! They really make my period bearable now, and make it almost fun (not really but I can pretend!) I love that they are a box for all people that menstruates, not just women, but trans and gender neutral. They are very inclusive and they also work with allergies ( I have alot) SO far no other boxes of any kinds will help with my allergies, so in my book they get a few extra points just for that. I have tried a few other period boxes, and these ladies by far are the best.
on 9/16/2018