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Bonjour Jolie is a time-of-the-month subscription box. In addition to your choice of pads/tampons, each box includes: A Special Gift, Bath and Body Pampering Items, Specialty Teas and Drinks, Artisan Confections, Feminine Wipes, and Advil. The box costs $16 a month and shipping is: $5 to the US, $10 to Canada, $16 Worldwide.

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I want to thank you ladies at Bonjour Jolie. I am a mom of a teenage daughter who lives in another state. I found out she was being forced by her father to buy her feminine products out of her allowance. She was using the terrible old fashioned pads from the dollar store. My mother and I introduced her to the newer pad styles and she loved them. Then I discovered your company and you were even willing to hold shipping her first package till she got home to VA from her visitation here. Thank you for making it easy for me to get her the supplies and thank you for helping a soon to be 16 year old a little more confident and taken care of. She loves her box and getting a present from mama every month.
on 8/13/2019
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Signed up last month, my box shipped out within 4 days. I didn't realize it was a themed period box, which really makes it so much cuter! The ladies nailed the theme down perfectly too. They had organic tampons to choose from, 7th Generation which is a brand I trust. Seen loads of new companies coming out with organic tampons, but don't trust them they all are made in China. I will stick to real name brands. I seen your latest review here and had to have it. Glad I did, really like them. Can't wait for June box!
on 6/17/2019
20190612 165001
Super cute themes! Awesome value and excellent curation. Got this box for my teen in November on a Black Friday Sale, got a 6 months sub. She loved it so much, and I did too. I liked it so much I had to get a box for myself too!
on 6/13/2019
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Really great box, I love it a lot! The themes are awesome and fun. A period box is the quintessential perfect monthly box!
on 6/12/2019
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The box is super cute! Every month they have a new matching theme. You can tell a lot of care and thought goes into the curation of these. Great value for your money, I so do recommend!
on 6/4/2019
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One of the best boxes I get. Totally justified since I actually need it every month! HaHa Love the themes, service is great, they support a lot of great causes too. Highly recommend.
on 6/2/2019
20190601 164632
Awesome box! Really love it! Going on 4 months of these boxes, each has been really great! Recommend!
on 6/1/2019
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Got my third box today. It is a great box! Almost a neccessary box (it has tampons that I need) but luxury cause I love being pampered but don't need it lol. I sure do love it though. The box is fun, has lots of thoughtful items and new things. They use so many small brands I have never heard of, and actually that's really cool!
on 5/25/2019
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I have the worst periods. There really heavy they last a really long time too. Sometimes I can't even get out of Bed. Several times I've had to miss work due to the intense cramps and bleeding. This Box is awesome, it is like my BFF packed up a present with all my favorite items in it, and they send it to me every month. These ladies really know how to pamper you, the Curation is creative and fun and the timing of the boxes arrival is perfect, they have everything I need. I highly recommend them!
on 5/23/2019
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One of my favorite boxes! Always fun unique themes, I use almost every item in the box too! Best part, is it comes BEFORE my period so I always have it just in time. Customer service is fast and helpful, Ladies get this box. You will thank me later!
on 5/17/2019