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Bluum is a monthly baby and toddler subscription box. Bluum customizes every box to your child's age in month. The boxes include full size items for your child, and usually an item or two for mom as well.

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Awful customer service

Ashley Bourgeois

on 8/20/2017
I've kept the subscription for about 4 months but after a couple of months it got really difficult to customize the box because the choices were limited and not exactly what I wanted quality-wise and item-wise. I didn't like that you couldn't customize the page much either. I agree with the previous reviewer that it's just not worth it for the amount of money you pay since you can easily find better items at a regular store for the same or better price.
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on 10/9/2016
I cancelled after 2 boxes. When I signed up I used the Mother's Day coupon for 40% off any subscription. My first box was discounted...the second was not. Emailed customer service-When customer service emailed me back they said the coupon was only good for the 1st box since I had selected a monthly subscription. Because THEIR coupon was vague and had no specifics regarding how it would effect different subscriptions, I get the crappy end of the deal. BE CAREFUL WHEN YOU USE A COUPON!!
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on 5/5/2016