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Birchbox is one of the original beauty sample subscription boxes. Each box costs $10 a month, or you can sign up for an annual subscription ($110) and get one month free. Boxes typically include a variety of samples, deluxe size samples, and the occasional full size product.

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    What is Birchbox?

  • Birchbox is one of the original beauty sample subscription boxes. Each month, you'll receive 4-5 beauty samples. (Makeup, skincare, haircare, perfume, etc.)

    Is Birchbox worth it?

  • Birchbox is worth it if you are looking to try out expensive brands before buying them at full price. The sample sizes can sometimes be small, but you should have enough of the products to see if they work for you.

    How much does Birchbox cost?

  • Birchbox is $10 a month or $110 for an annual subscription.

    When does Birchbox ship?

  • Birchbox typically ships out boxes the first week of every month. If you have just signed up, expect up to 10 days before your first box ships.

    What is the Birchbox Customer Service phone number?

  • 1 (877) 487-7272

    How do I cancel Birchbox?

  • You can cancel your Birchbox subscription from the Account Settings in your online account. Click the red “Cancel Subscription” link beneath the “Subscriptions” heading.

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Plumeria maui hawaii
Got this for over a year, it had a great curation and their points system was out of this world! Then I started getting duplicate items, some sample were empty, and the brands got cheaper. The size got smaller and smaller too. The last straw was when they ditched the points program and sent me a lip liner from lord an berry, but it was the size of half my pinky. Then I got the Jane Erendale lipstick, but it had enough lipstick for an ant. I cancelled. Then after I cancelled my year sub, 2 months later they charged me again! It took several emails and over a week to get my money back. Seriously their customer service used to be great, not sure what happened. I won't be signing up again.
on 9/16/2018
Absolutely 100% horrible. I get several sub boxes - Ipsy (2 yrs), BoxyCharm (3 mnths), SoSusan (1 mnth) and Birchbox is the worst one. I did the personalized profile noting that I had absolutely had no interest in haircare or skincare products so when I was able to see what I would be getting and to find out every single item besides the one that I choose was going to be either haircare or skincare it really upset me greatly. I did email them and was able to cancel as well as they did refund me for the remaining 5 months (I had signed up for the 6 month plan.) That was the only positive thing, I got some of my monies back. So if you like haircare and skincare products then this is the sub for you but if not then I can tell you BoxyCharm, Ipsy, and SoSusan rock.
on 8/11/2018
51hl1m56tyl. sl160
I used to Love Birchbox! They had this awesome points program that was fantastic! I could save my points up and buy all sorts of great beauty items, and I was able to test out all sorts of great items. Then they went and change the whole program, no more points, crappy little samples. Pushed their store more than their subs and their customer service went way down. SO sad really
on 8/7/2018
I purchased the yearly package and regret it because I cannot cancel. The products are not curated and lean heavily toward haircare, which is frustrating because I have a very short pixie cut and cannot use those products. As for the other products, I have received mascara in 4 out of 7 boxes and only 4 other make up samples out of 7 boxes. I hate it, and this is after reviewing the boxes every month to "help personalize" the products.
on 6/12/2018
The samples are small, and are often geared more toward hair-care than I'd like, but as time goes on, I find that it gets more curated. And as I accumulate more things, I'm actually happy for the smaller sizes because it allows me to try and use everything up.
on 4/25/2018
28795851 794631247395818 402417944346230784 n
I use to have ipsy and always wanted to try Birchbox too, so I finally tried it. I liked it. Birchbox is basically the same as ipsy minus the makeup bag. I did cancel my Birchbox right away but I did like it and I actually like both companies. I'm assuming all of the makeup/beauty companies out there are going to be the same if not very similar but I think I want to try Sephora next. LOL :)
on 4/17/2018
No Photo
I canceled this subscription box after receiving it for 6 months--the samples were just too small and boring..
on 3/27/2018
I subscribed to Birchbox about two months ago and so far, I'm not impressed. Many of the samples are just little foil packets (unlike another popular box that sends deluxe samples). I liked no more than two items out of each box. They need to revise their preferences questionnaire, and allow subscribers greater leeway in specifying what types of items they like and what types they prefer not to receive. I'll probably end up canceling this and subscribing to another brand.
on 3/3/2018
I have tried birch box several times, and I wasn't happy with it. The last time I tried it I got the two box ordeal to see if i could make out any better than I have been. The only thing that I got that was worth it was the Davines shampoo, but then I got basically two small squirts of conditioner and one use of the leave in conditioner. I compared both boxes. What's worse is one box was way better than the other one. The second box was simply SAMPLE packs. I'm not happy with birch box. But that is just my opinion.
on 2/15/2018
No Photo
I have tried Birchbox several different times now..and become bored with their small and the same samples over and over and end up canceling bc i like Ipsy so much better. But i fell for the buy 1..get 2 boxes in December. I was TOTALLY EXCITED to get 2 boxes for price of 1..and when it came..again..stpked tp open them both to see what had been chosen for me..and SADLY..THEY DID AN AWFUL JOB..AS BOTH BOXES HAD THE SAME EXACT PRODUCTS. Same shampoo..with packets of conditioner..and hair serum. Both had a mascara, both had lip paints..(different works..other is too bright), 1 had a eyelash curler..1 had a super small highlighter..a brush wont even fit..its so small. Just had HOPED..BOTH BOXES WOULD BE DIFFERENT. THAT WAS THE WHOLE PURPOSE..NOT TO GET 2 BOXES WITH SAME EXACT PRODUCTS. SO MY EXCITEMENT TURNED TO A SAD FACE..AND DECIDED TO GIVE BIRCHBOX 2 MORE MONTHS. My girlfriend gets this box..and pucks out her products..and luvs it. I had problems pucking out my just PRAYING they send good and bigger than one time use samples. Have my eyes on So Susan, Glossybox and Boxycharm. I dont usually spent over $15 for a box..but to get Bigger and Better Products..i guess you have to pay more to get Better things!! Just another HUGE BIRCHBOX DISAPPOINTMENT!! Praying my both this month makes up for last months HUGE THUMBS DOWN!!
on 1/18/2018